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Can’t Spell Liberals Without IRS

Can’t Spell Liberals Without IRS published on

You Literally Can’t Spell ‘Liberals’ Without ‘IRS!’


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First, a big “Patriot thanks” to everyone who dropped everything on no notice May 21 and protested the IRS in front of its downtown San Bernardino building. We made a great impression and a great statement (we even had the Department of Homeland Security come out to observe us)! Our protest, among many nationwide, is why a recent Rasmussen poll pegged the national Tea Party movement favorability rating at 44 percent — a 14 percent jump since last year. Continue reading Can’t Spell Liberals Without IRS

What Did The President Know

What Did The President Know published on

What Did the President Know and When Did

He Know It?


We are awash in Watergate-era quotes and flashbacks now that the media has finally caught on to

what we’ve known for years; namely, Barack Obama is an arrogant tyrant who will step on the

US Constitution to gain ever more power.

With luck, prayers and evidence, congressional investigators will find the proof linking Obama to the

IRS Scandal he obviously engineered. The media is loathe to admit that one of the drafted articles of

impeachment against Richard Nixon involved the abuse of the IRS to punish political opponents.

Continue reading What Did The President Know