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This Is A Great E Newsletter

This Is A Great E Newsletter published on

“This is a great e newsletter!”


Pardon our crowing, but we didn’t make up that quote! (Honest!)

It’s a comment from the founder of the national Tea Party Patriots, Jenny Beth Martin, who sent an unsolicited comment to the Redlands Tea Party Patriots about our newsletter earlier this month after we inquired about more national training and resources for an expanding tea party movement in Southern California. Continue reading This Is A Great E Newsletter

Tea Party Patriots Featured in the WSJ

Tea Party Patriots Featured in the WSJ published on

Tea Party Patriots Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Tea Party Patriots and Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin were featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today. Be sure to check out the article.


Anger at IRS Powers Tea Party Come-Back
by Monica Langley
Check out the article at

Petition to Protect Child Privacy

Petition to Protect Child Privacy published on

Petition To Protect Child Privacy In School Bathrooms And Showers Is Now Available


Privacy For All Students

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What Made the Silent Majority Speak

What Made the Silent Majority Speak published on


By Marilyn Snyder

Published in the Redlands Daily Facts, August 22, 2013

The Democratic party has been around since the days of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.  The Republican party emerged with Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. 

The tea party, on the other hand, blasted into existence as a organic organization a bare four years ago.  However, it is not a political party and, given its grassroots dis-organization of thousands of local groups, not likely to become one.  Each local tea party group determines its own priorities and sets its own agenda, looking to one or another of many national tea party groups for, well, not exactly leadership—but more like general direction. 

What caused the groundswell of hundreds of thousands of politically naïve ordinary folks to swiftly come together under one large umbrella?  What made the Silent Majority stand up and speak—no, roar?  They were worried, scared, even angry at their own lack of vigilance about rising taxes and governmental spending.  Previously they, like me, had been similar to groundhogs, poking their heads out each election “spring,” testing the temperature, voting in the presidential election, and then retreating to their dens of jobs, children and homes, distracted from the collapsing economy.

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A Nation of Laws or of Men

A Nation of Laws or of Men published on

A nation of laws or of men: It’s our choice

By Marilyn Snyder

Americans are the most blessed people on earth and in history. No people anywhere anytime have enjoyed the level of prosperity and security that is commonplace throughout our 50 states. I recognized this truth by the time I was 10.

Oh, we wrangle and bicker amongst ourselves like siblings, but as a people, we figuratively kiss the ground after a trip to a third-world country, realizing how fortunate we really are.

What is so easily forgotten is the “why” and the “how” of our bounteous nation.

Our forefathers and fore­mothers lucked out big time when they landed on this new soil. Unbound by many of the previous constrictions of monarchial societies, they starved and struggled and forged their way into a new independent so­ciety that chose to throw off their old-world connections.

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No Month Long Golfing Vacation

No Month Long Golfing Vacation published on

No Month-Long Golfing Vacations for us!


So much news to cover, but first a literal call to action:

The absurd and indefensible “bathroom bill,” AB1266, is on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk — and he is hesitating. If signed, boys and girls could use each other’s bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams based on the gender they identify with instead of the gender they are. Parents and coaches cannot object. Brown must sign by Thursday, but he has yet to make any public announcements. Continue reading No Month Long Golfing Vacation

Failure-The Path To Success

Failure-The Path To Success published on


By Marilyn Snyder

Free market principles—free to succeed and free to fail. 

Been there. Done that.

And I can guarantee that the failing part wasn’t fun. My husband and I made the choice to start a business with what turned out to be a “shady” partner, investing everything we had, including putting up our house as collateral.

Well, everyone is young and stupid, sometimes at the same time.

We might have ended up millionaires, or at least “thousand-aires,” and we determined to try it for ourselves. Risk it all. Go for broke. We succeeded. 

And, despite the hazards, we weren’t alone in our desire to be self-employed, to take advantage of the American free market. CNN Money said in 2011 that the startup rate was the highest in 15 years—558,000 per month. More than one in 10 Americans were developing their own business in 2012, according to the U.S. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

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