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Forget A Federal Marriage Amendment and Go For Religious Freedom Acts In All 50 States

Forget A Federal Marriage Amendment and Go For Religious Freedom Acts In All 50 States published on
Forget A Federal Marriage Amendment and Go For Religious
Freedom Acts In All 50 States
“I assume that those who cling to old beliefs will be able to whisper their thoughts in the recesses of their homes, but if
they repeat those views in public, they will risk being labeled as bigots and treated as such by governments,
employers, and schools. By imposing its own views on the entire country, the majority facilitates the marginalization of
the many Americans who have traditional ideas.” – Justice Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court decision that forced
gay marriage on the country
The dilemma Christians and conservatives face after the Supreme Court’s made-up-from-whole-cloth-instead-of-the-
Constitution ruling on gay marriage is one that Machiavelli described over 500 years ago.
“And what physicians say about disease is applicable here: that at the beginning a disease is easy to cure but difficult
to diagnose; but as time passes, not having been treated or recognized at the outset, it becomes easy to diagnose
but difficult to cure. The same thing occurs in affairs of state; for by recognizing from afar the diseases that are
spreading in the state (which is a gift given only to a prudent ruler), they can be cured quickly; but when they are not
recognized and are left to grow to the extent that everyone recognizes them, there is no longer any cure.”
Too many conservatives have refused to stand up on social issues and have thus allowed liberals to make their case
in a vacuum. Too many churches have decided they’d rather keep their heads down than stand up for Christian
beliefs. Too many Republicans have played by Marquis of Queensbury rules when it comes to Supreme Court
justices while Democrats have played to win. You’ll note that liberal judges always, always, always vote liberally on
key issues, regardless of the law, while some “conservative” justices like John Roberts and Anthony “Captain Coin
Flip” Kennedy move to the left, even if they have to defy the Constitution to do it.
Of course, all of that is water under the bridge and the majority of states in the country, which didn’t vote for gay
marriage, have had it thrust upon them unwillingly by tyrants in black robes.
As a response to this, some Republicans have called for term limits for the Supreme Court. Ted Cruz has called for
justices to have to face the voters every 8 years. Scott Walker has called for a constitutional amendment to roll back
the Supreme Court’s decision.

Love of Country vs. Love of government

Love of Country vs. Love of government published on

Love of Country v. Love of government…is there a difference?

The odd thinking, conclusions and worldview of Democrats has always amazed and mystified me. Once in a while, I receive a revelation and an understanding about them. Yesterday I received one of those revelations while talking to a very nice, loving and authentic human being (who also somehow was a Democrat) in the course of my business.
We were having difficulty with some government regulations regarding a business transaction that only retarded the goal of what we were mutually trying to accomplish.
When my friend said something about this government induced difficulty we were experiencing, they said, “As much as I love my Government, this is ridiculous”. Then it hit me. Then it stopped me in my tracks. Then I had a revelation instant.
When a Democrat says, “I love my Country” and when they say “I love my Government”, those two separate concepts mean exactly the same thing to them and are used interchangeably in every sense of expression and thought.
As a conservative and patriot; I see nothing but difference between my Country and my Government. I learned in school that we had government way before we had a “Country”. It seemed clear to me the British had implemented a government here on the East coast of our continent that came in the standard packaging of taxation and “security” of a requisite military. We were governed and could enjoy the relatively free society, pick our trade of choice, own land, operate a business and a farm.
We were birds of a feather more than we wanted to admit. We felt that in this new world and on this new continent that we were our own “Country” and we often referred to others around us as “Our Fellow Countrymen” People left Britain in droves to come here not because they no longer loved their Country. It was because they no longer loved their government. Nearly everyone would say they love their Country, but today- only a Democrat would say, “I love my government”.
It is this very basic cognitive distortion that causes Democrats to have blind faith and allegiance in government. If it was not for a very healthy distrust of government, our founders would not have rallied to form their new and own, “Country”. Our declaration of Independence and our Constitution both are chock full of distrust of government. When our new “Country “was born, we needed a new kind of “Government” and gave it a different kind of structure, one that exalted Liberty and Justice for all men.
President Ronald Reagan taught us that Government and Liberty are sworn enemies. Even our founders who implemented our new Government were aware of this. When did they start to worry that our new system could be manipulated into a monstrous tool that could be used to squash Liberty? – About 15 minutes after the ink dried on the Constitution document. Many statesmen on the committees that considered what and should not be included in that document and the Bill of Rights; both foresaw and voiced their concerns about loopholes they could see even in the checks and balances that were embedded by design and purpose.
No longer were we then “subjects” of an all powerful and impersonal government of force. Instead our new form of government was installed to assure our collective and individual Liberty, assure our collective and individual Freedom and assure that our rights given to us by God would never ever again be thwarted by a ruling class of elitists. We knew as both freemen and men who had pushed out from under the thumb of oppressive, big government- that we must be ever vigilant and honor the checks and balances that our new system of government to insure that it never becomes a tool to use against us in our constant pursuit of Liberty of happiness assured because we now owned and controlled the government and not the other way around.
As a conservative, I love my Country but, I do not like what my “Government” has become. Today the rights given to us by God are being thwarted and perverted by a ruling class of elitists who thirst for and esteem big government power over individual liberty and freedom. That is a very bad thing and something that people who love our “Country” must fight. The term, “take our country back” should perhaps more appropriately be called, “take our Government back”. The chief difficulty in that endeavor is the substantially large number of our fellow countrymen who have been incorrectly taught that our Country and our Government is one in the very same thing.
Ken Hunter
Redlands, CA
June 24, 2015

#HillaryClinton: Self-aggrandizing #Grifter

#HillaryClinton: Self-aggrandizing #Grifter published on 1 Comment on #HillaryClinton: Self-aggrandizing #Grifter

#HillaryClinton: Self-aggrandizing #Grifter

Let’s pin #Grifter on #HillaryClinton and #FirstGrifters Bill and Hillary.


Hillary, rice-grifting

More global warming propaganda in the RDF

More global warming propaganda in the RDF published on

More global warming propaganda in the RDF

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” John Adams

John Adams never met the global warmers.

Human caused global warming is a clear and obvious hoax to anyone willing to spend a modicum of time and willing to honestly look at the facts.

I could and have written lengthy comments summarizing some of the evidence of the global warming hoax.  For today, I offer the following.

FIRST, for 18+ years, there has been no global warming despite increasing CO2 levels refuting the global warmers “theory.”

From ~1940 to ~1978, the climate cooled despite increasing CO2 levels causing the same crowd who now warn of global warming (unless we adopt the leftist political agenda) to warn of a new ice age (unless we adopt the leftist political agenda). 

SECOND, this reporter and newspaper again, as they always do, print the latest pronouncements and predictions of the global warmers without question or presenting any contrary information, e.g. no global warming for 18+ years.  [Is that what a reporter and a newspaper should do?]

The MSM never looks back at whether the global warmers’ previous predications came to pass.

Here is just one example, in 2008, ABC predicted New York would be under water by 2015.

THIRD, CO2 is not “dirty” nor “pollution.”  It is harmless to animals and beneficial to plants. 

We have done a great job reducing real pollution.  The article confusingly (intentionally?) equates CO2 and global warming with real pollution.

The article also include typical “climate p*#n” pictures like a big, ugly coalmine, which proves nothing.

FOURTH, the article does not explain that “alternative energy” or “renewable energy” or “clean energy” is much more expensive energy.

More expensive energy means a lower standard of living for Americans and keeping poor people poor.

In California, thanks to the global warming law and mandates for expensive alterative energy, Californians pay the highest gas tax in the country including the “cap and trade” tax for global warming.

“California residential electricity costs an average of 35.4% more per kWh than the national average. CA commercial rates are 60.3% higher.  For industrial use, CA electricity is 85.4% higher than the national average (July, 2014)”

While the global warmers do their best to hide the cost, how much are you willing to pay for global warming?

FIFTH, global warming is brought to you by the same people who brought you “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” 

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” 

#GobalWarming #ClimateChange #GlobalWarmingHoax

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The Pope and the cost of more expensive energy in money and lives

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Why You Should Love #FossilFuels  @PragerU

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Time Change

Time change

@SenatorSessions says Slow Fast-Track Now, Before It’s Too Late

@SenatorSessions says Slow Fast-Track Now, Before It’s Too Late published on

@SenatorSessions says Slow Fast-Track Now, Before It’s Too Late

No #ObamaTrade  #StopFastTrack

@TedCruz and @MarcoRubio supported #ObamaTrade the first time.  They have a chance to redeem themselves.  If they do not, that should be a deal breaker for their presidential campaigns.

So they do not have do 180 degree flip flops, they should say they will not support #FastTrack until all three draft #ObamaTrade agreements are made public. 


Taxpayers hold onto your wallets and purses the legislature is in session

Taxpayers hold onto your wallets and purses the legislature is in session published on

Taxpayers hold onto your wallets and purses the legislature is in session 

The sole focus of the Dems and CA “Fwd” is extracting more money from the taxpayers.

CA has the highest gas taxes in the country counting the #CapandTrade tax. 

There no mention of making government more effective or efficient.

There is no mention of canceling the boondoggle #HSR.

There is no mention of $25 BILLION CA taxpayers spend every year on #IllegalImmigrants

There is no mention that CA has 12% of the nation’s population and 33% of the welfare recipients.

There is no mention of the excessive and unaffordable pensions and lifetime healthcare benefits for government employees that take money from things like repairing roads.

There is no mention of how the Dems divert money that should go to transportation to other spending like the $25 Billion for #IllegalImmigrants.

There is no mention of how the government squanders money all over the state like the Redlands “Crazy Train”  >$300,000 per estimated rider to build and $10,000 per estimated rider to operate.

RECALL any nominal Rep that votes for a tax increase.  Having > 1/3 Reps in the Legislature makes the Dems and GEUs ask the voters to raise taxes unless some of the Reps cave.  If the Reps cave on tax increases, what is the point of having any Reps in Sacramento?



Unite IE Radio, June 20, “the show for the most important political office, the private citizen”

Unite IE Radio, June 20, “the show for the most important political office, the private citizen” published on

Unite IE Radio, June 20, “the show for the most important political office, the private citizen”

Unite IE Radio

Saturday, June 20, 11:30 am (and usually 10:00 pm)

AM 590 The Answer

This week we discuss: #Charleston, #GunControl, #Obamtrade and #StopFastTrack, @RealDonaldTrump, @CarlyFiorina, #PopeFrancis #GlobalWarming and #GlobalWarmingHoax

You can listen live on the web at:

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We have the prior shows through May 2.

We want your comments, criticisms, ideas and suggestions.  e-mail  We may read your e-mails on the program.  As Bill O’Reilly says: “keep it pithy.”