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Unite IE Conservative Conference, March 19, 2016 [pics]

Unite IE Conservative Conference, March 19, 2016 [pics] published on 1 Comment on Unite IE Conservative Conference, March 19, 2016 [pics]

Unite IE Conservative Conference, March 19, 2016 

“We have been simply flooded with supportive comments during and after the ‪#‎UIECC16‬. Not a single person walked away without a greater appreciation for the dire condition of our Republic, the inspiration to make a greater effort in her survival and the tools to begin that effort. Thanks to all who attended and to the many people who contributed to the success of the conference. Unite Inland Empire.

And oh, we had a lot of fun too!

Bill Whittle, Father Josiah Trenham, Jack Hibbs, Jenny Beth Martin, Steve Frank, Tom Del Beccaro, David Spady, Ann-Marie Murrell, Gina Gentry Loudon, Morgan Brittany, Larry Elder, Louie Gohmert [with the Stolen Lives Quilt team], Ed Hoffman, Evan Sayet, Frank Gaffney, John Eastman, AlfonZo Rachel, Trevor Loudon, Tim Donnelly, Gregory Brittain, John Hancock, Jennifer Horn, Gabe Segura, Brad Anderson and the groups and their leaders that participate in and support the Unite IE effort, as well as so many others that should be listed as well.”    Don Dix

See the comments at:

Thank you to our wonderful speakers, the Unite IE groups, the UIECC16 planning team and especially to everyone who attended.

While we had a great time, if we do not do anything different and better to fulfill the obligations of our most important political office of private citizen, it will have been a wasted day.


Here are some pics, more to follow.

UIECC16 01   UIECC16 62UIECC16 77   UIECC16 63UIECC16 81  UIECC16 65 UIECC16 72    UIECC16 75UIECC16 66 UIECC16 73UIECC16 67 UIECC16 68   UIECC16 61UIECC16 69 UIECC16 59UIECC16 58UIECC16 71UIECC16 78UIECC16 60UIECC16 50UIECC16 76   UIECC16 57 UIECC16 11UIECC16 51 UIECC16 47UIECC16 52 UIECC16 53 UIECC16 54UIECC16 79 UIECC16 55 UIECC16 56   UIECC16 45UIECC16 48  UIECC16 46  UIECC16 42UIECC16 80UIECC16 39UIECC16 49  UIECC16 41  UIECC16 40UIECC16 37UIECC16 43  UIECC16 28UIECC16 35UIECC16 33UIECC16 38  UIECC16 36  UIECC16 34  UIECC16 27UIECC16 44 UIECC16 32UIECC16 26 UIECC16 29  UIECC16 30UIECC16 23   UIECC16 25    UIECC16 21 UIECC16 31UIECC16 13UIECC16 24UIECC16 15 UIECC16 16 UIECC16 22 UIECC16 10UIECC16 18 UIECC16 19  UIECC16 14UIECC16 20  UIECC16 03UIECC16 12   UIECC16 17UIECC16 09  UIECC16 04 UIECC16 05UIECC16 08 UIECC16 06 UIECC16 07 File Mar 22, 12 17 25 AM









Mass Immigration and Open Borders Cost American Workers $500 Billion Per Year

Mass Immigration and Open Borders Cost American Workers $500 Billion Per Year published on



To ask a rhetorical question, does the law of supply and demand apply to the labor market?

Immigration increases the supply of labor hence reducing the price, i.e. wages and salaries. 

“Each year, Sessions highlighted, the U.S. admits over [1,000,000]  permanent residents, 100,000 refugees and asylees, 700,000 guest workers, 600,000 students — many of who have been allowed to work under administrative rules —  and “hundreds of thousands of” illegal immigrants (both border crossers and visa overstays).”

A Harvard economist computed the current open borders, mass immigration policies cost American worker $500 BILLION per year in lower wages and salaries.  In addition, record numbers of working age Americans are not working.

In addition to the cost of open borders and mass immigration to American workers and tax payers, and to the victims of illegal immigrant crime and their families, the Dems with the cooperation of the #EstReps are using open borders and mass immigration to stack the voting deck for the Dems and make all of America like California is politically. 

“The key to winning in 2016 is proving to the working men and women of the country that you will serve their needs– not the needs of the political class– first and always.”  Senator Jeff Sessions

And, I would add that Senator Sessions ran unopposed for reelection in 2014.  There is a hint here for any Rep willing to listen.

BTW, Jeff Sessions endorsed #DonaldTrump

Unite IE Conservative Conference on March 19, Fox Theater in Riverside, #UIECC16 “What difference does it make”

Unite IE Conservative Conference on March 19, Fox Theater in Riverside, #UIECC16 “What difference does it make” published on


SPECIAL UPDATE: First floor tickets are 1/2 price still half price, $22.50, at the door if you mention a Unite IE group such as Redlands Tea Party Patriots.

Unite IE Conservative Conference on March 19, Fox Theater in Riverside

#UIECC16  “What difference does it make”

We invited all presidential candidates.  Even without presidential candidates, this year’s Unite IE Conservative Conference will be bigger, better and righter than ever.  [And funner too.]

For info and tickets:

Facebook event page.  [Please share with your Facebook friends.]

Newly confirmed speakers:

-Louis Gohmert [Texas congressman and as far from “establishment” as possible, very conservative, very incisive and very funny]

-John Eastman [Constitutional law professor, a real one unlike Obama, and one who respects the Constitution, unlike Obama]

-Stacey Dash [Actress and Fox News contributor, suspended from Fox News for saying Obama didn’t “give a s___” about terrorism, and then she Tweeted “Consequences. Some of us have to pay them. Gladly.”]

-Alfonzo Rachel [Christian conservative social/political humorist, video commentaries called ZoNation on]

-Ed Hoffman [Host of the Main Event on AM 590 The Answer, UIECC16 sponsor and owner of Wholesale Capital Corporation]

Already confirmed speakers include:

-Bill Whittle [who was fantastic at the Redlands Tea Party Patriots Christmas party]

-Trevor Loudon, [rousing speaker and author of “The Enemies Within”]

-Pastor Jack Hibbs [fantastic at the first UIECC and great at encouraging Christians to bring their faith and values into their roles as citizens]

-The PolitiChicks [Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany and Dr. Gina Loudon, what more needs to be said?]

-Tim Donnelly [protecting 2nd Amendment rights in California]

Larry Elder [“will criticize black ‘leaders’ for food,” new afternoon talk show host of the Salem radio network beginning in April]

-Evan Sayet [conservative comedian and commentator]

-Jenny Beth Martin [CEO national Tea Party Patriots]

-Frank Gaffney [national security expert with the Center for Security Policy]

-Steve Frank [California political guru]

-Tom Del Beccaro [re: tax reform]. 


Here is the latest flyer in JPG and PDF

UIECC flyer, 16-03-03

Download (PDF, 783KB)