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My Mother-In-Law

My Mother-In-Law published on

My Mother-in-Law — The Ideal Politician

By Marilyn Snyder

I wish my mother-in-law were in charge of the country’s money.

Of the Tea Party values, she would rank fiscal responsibility first.

As a first generation American, she might ask our politicians: If the United States collapses financially like Stockton, San Bernardino and Detroit, to where will people flee?

Detroit’s population fell from 2 million to 700,000 as their debt grew, but its citizenry could at least go to other cities that were better managed and resume their lives. If the United States goes bankrupt, to which country would you flee? Greece?

To conservatives, fiscal responsibility means not overspending, a balanced budget, some money set aside for a rainy day. Well, that’s pretty extreme! Or so say those who think that our local, state and federal governments can ignore these basic budgeting fundamentals.

I just wish our elected officials had the mindset of my beloved mother-in-law.

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New Patriot Voice

New Patriot Voice published on

New Patriot Voice

We now have a Conservative Tea Party voice in the local newspaper. Our own Redlands Tea Party

Patriot, Marilyn Snyder, is now a regular guest columnist for the Redlands Daily Facts. Look for

her article every Thursday and once a month on Sunday.

Her articles will be posted on this web site. Select the Patriot Voices tab on the Top Menu to read

her articles. You can also read it on the Facts website under the Opinion section

( Let’s support her with positive comments.

Congratulations, Marilyn!

It’s Easy To Hate The Tea Party

It’s Easy To Hate The Tea Party published on


By Marilyn Snyder

There’s an old saying that you only have one chance to make a good first impression.  The first impression many Americans had about the modern Tea Party was based on what they learned from the news, listening to talk shows, and hearing sound bites from influential political leaders and well-known entertainment figures.  Is that where you first heard about it?  Was what you heard favorable or unfavorable?

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House when the Tea Party first burst forth, called its’ members “astroturf.”  Google that term—it is not complimentary. 

The Vice President compared us to terrorists. President Obama called us teabaggers. Google that (and the meaning is definitively not nice). 

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.): “…as far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell.”  Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.): “The real enemy is the Tea Party.”

Astroturf, teabaggers, terrorists, enemies who can go straight to….  It’s no wonder the Tea Party is so easy to hate.  But are those  “facts” or “sticks and stones”? 

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We Don’t Wait Until Labor Day

We Don’t Wait Until Labor Day published on

We don’t wait until Labor Day to start stuff!


No summer lulls for the Redlands Tea Party Patriots!

This Sunday, our own Marilyn Snyder, a long-time cabinet member of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots, will debut her weekly column for the Redlands Daily Facts. (Finally!  A Tea Party voice in the Redlands Daily Facts!) 

Our Aug. 1 general meeting will feature speakers discussing the Founding Fathers and government budgets.

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Conservative Training Coming to Redlands

Conservative Training Coming to Redlands published on

Conservative Training Coming to Redland


Much to cover in this newsletter — but first, we want to wish the USA a happy birthday on July 4! As a nation, we endured the Great Depression, we won World War II, and we vanquished communism. If we can do that, we can overcome the Obama Administration and defeat his IRS.

We will not have our monthly meeting on July 4 since that’s our nation’s birthday. Instead, we will host a booth at the all-day celebration at Sylvan Park. Continue reading Conservative Training Coming to Redlands

Can’t Spell Liberals Without IRS

Can’t Spell Liberals Without IRS published on

You Literally Can’t Spell ‘Liberals’ Without ‘IRS!’


Mucho news in this newsletter! You lose if you don’t read every word!
First, a big “Patriot thanks” to everyone who dropped everything on no notice May 21 and protested the IRS in front of its downtown San Bernardino building. We made a great impression and a great statement (we even had the Department of Homeland Security come out to observe us)! Our protest, among many nationwide, is why a recent Rasmussen poll pegged the national Tea Party movement favorability rating at 44 percent — a 14 percent jump since last year. Continue reading Can’t Spell Liberals Without IRS

What Did The President Know

What Did The President Know published on

What Did the President Know and When Did

He Know It?


We are awash in Watergate-era quotes and flashbacks now that the media has finally caught on to

what we’ve known for years; namely, Barack Obama is an arrogant tyrant who will step on the

US Constitution to gain ever more power.

With luck, prayers and evidence, congressional investigators will find the proof linking Obama to the

IRS Scandal he obviously engineered. The media is loathe to admit that one of the drafted articles of

impeachment against Richard Nixon involved the abuse of the IRS to punish political opponents.

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Contact Redlands Unified School District Board Members

Contact Redlands Unified School District Board Members published on

Redlands Unified School District Board Members

President: Donna West

Vice-President: Pat Kohlmeier

Board Member: Neal Warner

Board Member: Patty Holohan

Board Member: Ron McPeck

Address: 20 W. Lugonia Ave., Redlands, CA 92374; (909)307-5300

Email: RUSD_Board_Members@Redlands.K12.CA.US