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RTPP Update: 96 Days to Save the MAGA Revolution

RTPP Update: 96 Days to Save the MAGA Revolution published on No Comments on RTPP Update: 96 Days to Save the MAGA Revolution

RTPP Update: 96 Days to Save the MAGA Revolution

In this RTPP Update:

  1. RTPP August 2 Meeting: 96 Days to Save the MAGA Revolution with speakers: Susan Shelley and Jason Anderson.
  2. 96 Days to Save the MAGA Revolution.
  3. RTPP’s 4th of July in the Park and “After Party” were great successes.
  4. The #SB54 Rebellion Continues; Protect Americans not criminal #IllegalAliens.
  5. Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration is an Existential Issue for the #MAGA Cause.
  6. #MSSM [mainstream social media] aka #BigDemTech: Don’t Whine; Fight Back.
  7. Please See and Support Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie: “Death of a Nation.”
  8. Share and Support the #WalkAway movement.
  9. Tea Party Patriots
  10. Redlands Tea Party Patriots online.
  11. Our Special Thanks & Appreciation.


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Here are the videos from the newsletter that will not play in the pdf copy.

Trailer to Dinesh D’Souza’s great new movie: Death of a Nation [Go see it].

Brandon Straka’s video that started the #WalkAway movement.


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The War On America Turns 50, by Ann Coulter

The War On America Turns 50, by Ann Coulter published on

The War On America Turns 50, by Ann Coulter

“Obama beat Romney by less than 5 million votes in a presidential election in which about 125 million votes were cast. More than 30 million of Obama’s votes came from people who arrived under Teddy Kennedy’s immigration law; fewer than 10 million of Romney’s did.”

#Immigration is the most important issue because it determines all other issues.

#Reps, if they want to survive, and for America to survive based on the principles that made her great, free and prosperous, we must do the grim political math of #Immigration, and stop all illegal and legal #Immigration.  Otherwise, the #Dems will continue stacking the voting deck.

Legal and illegal immigration are harming #AmericanWorkers and burdening #American #Taxpayers.  In the last three months, native born American workers lost ~1,000,000 jobs while immigrants got 218,000 jobs.

The #Dems are willing the screw American workers and taxpayers to make all of America into to one party Dem Left state like California.  Despicable but understandable. 

The #Establishment #Reps are willing to screw American workers and taxpayers to make all of #America into to one party Dem Left state like California.  Despicable and incomprehensibly stupid. 

“Immigration is the most important issue because it determines all other issues.”

“Immigration is the most important issue because it determines all other issues.” published on

Immigration and “Fundamental Transformation”

Immigration and “Fundamental Transformation” published on

Immigration and “Fundamental Transformation”

This article shows how the Dems are using legal and illegal immigration to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

This article shows why for Reps, conservatives and everyone who believes in the principles on which America was founded and which made her the greatest country that has ever existed, immigration must be the #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 issue.  If we lose on immigration, we lose on everything because the immigrants block vote for the party of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank etc., and they will continue “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

It is a long article, but very important and worth the time.

Here are some pull quotes:

“The birthplace and final resting place of George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson—and once one of the most reliably-red of red states—is being rapidly turned into a progressive stronghold.”

“Each year the federal government prints millions of visas and distributes these admission tickets to the poorest and least-developed nations in the world.”

“Until 1970, only 1 in 100 Virginians was born outside of the United States; by 2012, 1 in every 9 Virginians is foreign-born.”

“According to the 2013 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Immigration Yearbook, only 8.7 percent of green cards issued by the federal government went to immigrants born in Europe, a product of immigration changes pushed through by Ted Kennedy in 1965.”

“Year after year, the United States continues its annual dispensation of one million plus new green cards, the admission of one million foreign workers, refugees and dependents, and the importation of half a million foreign youths sought by college administrators.”

“One in four U.S. residents is either an immigrant himself or has immigrant parents.”

“The Census Bureau projects that the U.S. will add another 14 million immigrants over the following ten years if green card programs aren’t slashed, pushing the U.S. past all documented historical immigration records in terms of immigrant to population ratio.”

“When a high point was hit last century, then-President Calvin Coolidge hit the pause button for roughly fifty years– producing an era of explosive wage growth. That pause continued until Ted Kennedy ushered in legislation that granted millions of immigration visas to the entire world.”

“The steady gusher of visas happens silently and with little media recognition, yet its effects are more permanent and transformative than many of the most far-reaching foreign policy accords.”

 “Immigrants favor Democratic candidates and liberal policies by a wide margin, surveys show, and they have moved formerly competitive states like Illinois firmly into the Democratic column and could turn Republican strongholds like Georgia and Texas into battlegrounds in the years to come.”

“The enormous flow of legal immigrants in to the country — 29.5 million 1980 to 2012 — has remade and continues to remake the nation’s electorate in favor of the Democratic Party.”

“A 2012 study conducted by YouGov that, ‘gauged the partisan preferences of over 2,900 naturalized immigrants, finding 62.5 percent to be Democratic identifiers, 24.6 percent Republican, and 12.9 percent independent.’”

“About one-fifth of the total population of El Salvador resides in the United States.”

“The foreign-born Hispanic welfare rate was nearly three times that of native-born whites. This trend continues for the children of immigrants as well: Native-born Hispanics collected welfare at over twice the rate as native-born whites.”

“A 2011 study examining education attainment in the United States found that of Hispanic immigrants (aged 25 to 34), only nine percent obtain a Bachelor’s degree. For second generation Hispanic immigrants of that same age group, that number increases only slightly: 19 percent obtain a Bachelor’s degree. Amongst the third generation, however, the number recedes: only 16 percent obtain a Bachelor’s degree.”

“While the influence of conservative voters in the Commonwealth continues to diminish, it is ironically Republican officials in Virginia who have led the push to resettle even larger numbers of immigrants inside the state.”

“All net jobs created in the United States from 2000-2014 went to immigrants.”

“By a greater than 6:1 margin, Hispanic voters believe that jobs should go to those already living inside the United States instead of importing new workers from foreign countries. Black voters believe the same, by an extraordinary ratio of almost 30:1. Both groups suffer every day from the federal government’s policy of adding millions of new competitors to the labor pool.”

“Conservative columnist Ann Coulter illustrated: ‘In 1980, Reagan won the biggest electoral landslide in history against an incumbent president, Jimmy Carter. Without the last 40 years of immigration, in 2012, Mitt Romney would have won a bigger landslide than Reagan did.’”

But for Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration law that let in tens of millions of poor, low education, low skill people from the world’s poorest and most trouble countries, we would not have Obama, Obamacare, $8 Trillion in debt in 6 years, a weakened military, an agreement to allow the Iranian regime to have nuclear weapons, declining wages for American workers, etc. etc. etc.

Reducing immigration to protect American workers is also very popular with American workers.

Adopt Ann Coulter’s program, 10 year moratorium on all immigration to assimilate the tens of millions of legal immigrants already here and allow wages for American workers to rise.  Then allow immigration based on what is in the interest of America, American workers and American taxpayers, not based on what is in the interest of the Dem party.

BTW, if you have not read Ann Coulter’s “Adios America! The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hell Hole,” I strongly recommend it.


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