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Winning the “Culture War” by Using Our “2nd Vote”

Winning the “Culture War” by Using Our “2nd Vote” published on

Winning the “Culture War” by Using Our “2nd Vote”

Where and how we spend our money is our “second vote.”  Use it well.

As Andrew Breitbart observed: “Culture is upstream of politics.”  Through their control of our cultural and educational institutions, liberals have been winning the culture war.  To preserve the culture and moral principles that support our freedom, republic and prosperity through the free enterprise system, it is vitally important that conservatives and Christians put their wallets, purses and remote controls in service of the cause.  A great place for information is  2nd Vote rates companies from 1 (most liberal) to 3 (neutral) to 5 (most conservative) 2nd Vote has apps for smart phones. 

In addition to boycotting Target for its nutty and immoral policy of allowing men and boys to use women’s and girls’ restrooms and changing rooms, Wal-Mart supports Obama’s agenda including #Obamacare and the #GlobalWarming hoax.  Wal-Mart’s 2nd Vote score of 1.3 [1 is most liberal] is worse the Target’s 1.4.  Costco is an almost neutral 2.8.

Instead hypocritically liberal Google, try as a search engine.  It works well, and they do not track you and sell the info to advertisers as Google does.  Use Google as a backup if you cannot find what you want on  

In addition, join with Breitbart and 432,000 fellow Deplorables to #DumpKelloggs.  Kellogg’s says Breitbart and its readers do not share Kellogg’s leftist values.   To learn more about “Kellogg’s Values” please see:

Please also don’t read, watch or listen to MSM unless it’s linked on Drudge or Breitbart.  It’s mostly propaganda and disinformation, and doing so supports Dem propagandists.

To save America, the Constitution and our republic from their enemies, foreign and domestic, Patriots need to use every resource at our disposal including our wallets, purses and remote controls.

Where and how we spend our money is our “second vote.”  Use it well.

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