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Business and Preserving Freedom, Democracy and the Free Enterprise System


Please see “Business Should Imitate CTA Advocacy Effort”  By Joel Fox

I am glad Mr. Fox brought this up.  Tony Quinn was correct “business has proven entirely tactical in their approach to politics: there is little long term strategic thinking.”  I have been trying to make this point for years.

If present trends continue, what will the business climate be like in California and in America in 10 years or 20 years?  What will remain of the free enterprise system?  What will remain of private property rights?

More broadly, if present trends continue, what will remain of our freedom and democracy?

Do you believe your children and grandchildren will have as much freedom and opportunity is you had?  If you are young person, do you believe you will have as much freedom and opportunity as your parents and grandparents had?

Do you believe America is going in the right direction or is on the wrong track?

If you are satisfied with the answers to the above questions, you need read no further.  If you are not satisfied with the answers to the above questions, and you believe you are morally obligated to pass on an America at least as great, free and prosperous if not more so than the one you received, please read on.



Appeasing the Left is not a viable long run strategy for business.  If you sell rope to Lenin, do not be surprised one day when you are wearing the rope around your neck.

The challenge for business is far broader than running some pro-free enterprise advertising.

The Left holds most of the high ground in the culture war, the universities, the government run K-12 school system, the foundations, the MSM, and Hollywood.  Even the comic books are pushing leftism.  While the Left would like to win the next election, they are more concerned with winning the next generation.  They seek nothing less than to fundamentally transform the United States of America from the principles, values and traditions that made her great, free and prosperous into leftist principles and values.

For more broadly than running some advertising, for the free enterprise system to survive, for our freedom and democracy to survive, in addition to government policy, business needs to concern itself with: 

  1. What is being taught in the universities and government run K-12 school system, both the leftist political indoctrination and the quality of that education, and both the knowledge and the values being taught.
  2. What values are communicated in the entertainment programming business supports with its advertising?
  3. What are the foundations business supports with its contributions doing regarding the culture and values?
  4. In fact supporting the free enterprise system, not crony capitalism. “Equality before the law for everyone; special privileges, waivers, exemptions, subsidies and crony capitalism for no one.”
  5. Supporting pro growth, pro-jobs policies that result in rising incomes for everyone. In addition, control immigration rather than using open immigration and amnesty to force down wages for American workers.  In other words, if American workers’ incomes are increasing, if they believe their children will be better off than they are, they will be much less susceptible to leftist demagogic appeals to “spread the wealth around.”
  6. This last topic is worthy of an article or book, but in the long run, the free enterprise system, freedom and democracy require underlying morality, which in turn requires religion, and both require marriage and families. I am not the best at articulating this, but I believe those “troublesome social issues” far from being a distraction, are essential to survival of the free enterprise system, freedom and democracy. 

Please consider in a nation with a high illegitimacy rate, with large numbers of women and children dependent on government for their sustenance, where most people are not married [there are now more unmarried adults than married adults],  without objective moral standards, and without religion, how long will freedom,  democracy and the free enterprise system last in such a nation?  

I am 56.  I had the privilege of being born in and growing up in the greatest country that ever existed.  I feel a moral obligation to do my best to pass on an America at least as great, free and prosperous as the America I received if not more so. 

I believe in order for our children and grandchildren to have the freedom and opportunity we had, and to preserve an American based on the principles, values and traditions that made her great free and prosperous, business is an essential part of the coalition to do so.  Business and business men and women need to look beyond profits for the current quarter or current year, beyond currying favor with and getting benefits from the politicians in office, to preserving the system and nation that gave them the freedom and opportunity to be in business.

“America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  You can’t be free without being brave.” Dr. Ben Carson

Please see “Thoughts on Faith, Freedom and Culture”