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Can We Trust Facebook?

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Facebook and other social media are a very important media and means of communication and they are becoming more so.  They are run by liberals, and liberals generally do not favor freedom of speech for people they disagree with.

Facebook publically promised:

“We encourage any and all candidates, groups, and voters to use our platform to share their views on the election and debate the issues. We as a company are neutral — we have not and will not use our products in a way that attempts to influence how people vote.”

However, this article gives plenty of reasons to be skeptical. “Why There Is No Reason to Believe Facebook’s Promise Not to Influence Voters Against Trump”

FIRST, we should seek to hold Facebook and Mr. Zuckerberg to their word.  One of Alinsky’s rules is make the other side live up to its principles.  We can do the same.

If fact, if they allow us to communicate freely on Facebook, I can live with biased feeds.  I don’t rely on Facebook’s content.  I get information and news from the sources I choose.

SECOND, Facebook is a very useful platform for communication and advocacy.  I have not encountered any content control or restrictions on Facebook.  Virtually of the activists I work with use Facebook. 

As long as it serves our cause, we should use Facebook even though it’s run by liberals.

THIRD, if Facebook violates its public promise, Facebook opens itself to potential legal action for fraud and unfair and deceptive business practices, even if they could legally be as biased as they want to be without that promise.

FOURTH, it’s above my pay grade, but conservatives should start or be prepared to start our own social media platform.

FIFTH, Twitter has suffered financially in part because of its liberal political bias including “shadow banning” prominent conservatives. 

Usually, liberals put their business, money and profits ahead of their cause, and Facebook may do the same

SIXTH, if Facebook bans opposing political views, someone will probably try to assert Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins against Facebook and/or other social media platforms.

In Pruneyard, the California Supreme Court based on the California Constitution held people have a right to gather signatures in a private shopping center.  The US Supreme Court upheld the ruling as not violating the US Constitution.  The California Supreme Court “reasoned” that the shopping center had become like the town square of old, an important social gathering location.

13 states and the EU rejected Pruneyard.  CO, NJ, MA and Puerto Rico approved it with reservations.

Facebook has become a far more important “gathering place” than any shopping center.

Assuming California courts apply Pruneyard to Facebook and/or other social media platforms, what would the geographic reach of the ruling be?

Here is an article on the subject.

SEVENTH, Obama, with the Rep acquiescence, is working on handing control of the Internet to a still undefined international organization.  That will inevitably lead to content control and censorship. 

The last thing the #RulingClass in America or anywhere else wants is the ability of the people to communicate freely outside of government control.

This may be a greater threat to freedom of expression that anything Facebook does.


–We should use Facebook and other liberal social media platforms as long as they are useful to our cause. 

–We should monitor Facebook and other liberal social media platforms for bias and censorship and “raise hell” if and when we find it to make Facebook other liberal social media platforms pay as heavy a price as possible for such conduct.

–Conservatives with the financial and technical ability should develop alternatives to Facebook other liberal social media platforms.

–We should encourage to Reps to make a stand for Internet freedom including cutting off funds for handing control of the Internet to countries like Russia, China and Saudi Arabia.

–We may need to use non Internet communication for political activism.  Americans were able to keep our republic for 200+ years before the Internet.


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