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Can’t Spell Liberals Without IRS

You Literally Can’t Spell ‘Liberals’ Without ‘IRS!’


Mucho news in this newsletter! You lose if you don’t read every word!
First, a big “Patriot thanks” to everyone who dropped everything on no notice May 21 and protested the IRS in front of its downtown San Bernardino building. We made a great impression and a great statement (we even had the Department of Homeland Security come out to observe us)! Our protest, among many nationwide, is why a recent Rasmussen poll pegged the national Tea Party movement favorability rating at 44 percent — a 14 percent jump since last year.

As patriots, we can take extreme satisfaction that we stood by our country and our principles (free markets, fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited government) while the IRS and media attacked us at every turn. In the wake of this scandal, even low-informed voters are beginning to understand what we’ve known all along; namely, the Obama administration will step all over the US Constitution and the American people to gain ever more power.

Also, a big “Patriot welcome” to all our new e-mail subscribers! Our e-mail list is showing ever more people — and political movers and shakers — from well outside the Redlands area. This is proof our influence is growing and fast.

Our next general meeting on June 6 will feature Big Bear area state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly as well as Brad Dacus, the president of the pro-family Pacific Justice Institute in Sacramento.

Tim is a tea party favorite whose red-meat barbs electrify audiences. Tim has formed a exploratory committee for his possible run for governor in 2014.

Brad leads PJI, which is leading the fight against the “gender insanity” bills heading toward floor votes in Sacramento. Those bills include SB 323, which penalizes any youth group — ranging from Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to religious schools and little league — if those groups don’t conform to the values of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender special interests. Another bill is AB 1266, which allows boys and girls to mix locker rooms, bathrooms, and sports teams based on the gender they “identify with” versus the gender they actually are. Parents and coaches cannot object under the proposed legislation.

We are not making this up. Read it for yourself at

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We are proud to announce that the Leadership Institute, a conservative training organization from Arlington, Virginia, will fly to Redlands on Saturday, Sept. 7, for a “Campaign Management Workshop.” Check-in is at 8:30 a.m. and classes last until 4:30 p.m. Instruction includes “boots on the ground” as well as targeting voters and developing campaign messages.

One trainer is flying in from Massachusetts just to train us Californians about winning elections in tough districts. Sign up at Scroll down to Sept. 7 and enroll. Cost is $25. We are working with Mill Creek on a pricing deal that, tentatively as of this point, give us a light breakfast and two-meat lunch for an all-inclusive price of $25. Details are being firmed up; stay tuned to this newsletter for future updates.

This training is designed not just for political activists, but also for people who want to get off the couch and onto the political football field. People considering a run for office are encouraged to attend. This training is open to the public and to people of any political stripe.

FYI: The Leadership Institute, according to its homepage, was an IRS target. Read it for yourself at

Our friend and former Redlands Tea Party Patriots cabinet member Phil Naman, the host of pro-Second Amendment  “Firing Line” radio show on AM 590 The Answer, will hold a “Cash for Criminals” event in Redlands on Saturday, June 1. This is timed to coincide with a gun buy-back event in Redlands on the same day. Final details for the “cash for criminals” expected to be announced Thursday night.