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Citizen Patriots Speak Truth to Power at the Redlands City Council Meeting on December 5

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Thank you and kudos to all of the great Patriots who attended the Redlands City Council meeting on January 5 on a cold and rainy night to fulfill the obligations of “the most important political office, that of the private citizen.”

Everyone who spoke did great, Sam Wong, Marilyn Synder, Bill Miller, Tressy Capps, Dr. Ed Mukulski, and especially Greg Humpal.  We again pointed out the risks and costs of bringing unvetted and unvettable refugees to America and specifically to Redlands some of whom will likely be terrorists and many of whom will be welfare recipients.

Greg Humpal not only gave a great three-minute speech, he checked the minutes from the City Council meeting on December 15 and found, lo and behold, they unfairly and inaccurately characterized what the citizen Patriots said regarding bringing unvetted and unvettable refugees to America and specially to Redlands.  Greg Humpal then put in a speaker slip for the agenda item to approve the minutes, which is normally approved without discussion with other items in the consent calendar.  Greg then got three more minutes to speak and point out where the minutes were unfair and inaccurate.  The City Council nevertheless approved the minutes without modification or even discussion.

Greg Brittain again urged the City Council and the citizens of Redlands to oppose the Redlands “crazy train” project that will run 58 trains per day through Redlands, with 600+ street crossings per day, at a cost according to SANBAG’s figures of $300,000 per estimated rider, and government ridership estimates are always high and cost estimates are always low. 

See Grindall61’s video. 

While the proposed water rate increase was not on the agenda Greg Brittain also urged the Council to obtain and provide to the people of Redlands an accounting of prior rate increases and City “loans” from the water department before considering raising our water rates.  On December 1, the City Council deferred action on a proposed 19% water rate increase.  Since then, a city commission recommended a 40% water rate increase. 

The 19%-40% water rate increase could come back before the City Council at any time, so please stay vigilant.

Thank you also to the citizen Patriots who attended in support of our great speakers.

While we face huge challenges in saving and restoring America, please consider and remember that a year ago, there are usually no citizen Patriots “speaking truth to power” at the City Council meetings.

Keep up the good work.  As always, “The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis


  1. Jason

    My wife and I have been following this on YouTube. On grindall61 channel. We’re physicaly sick by your city council! And we’re positive this is coming to our city soon. It’s obvious Governments are no longer working for there own people. Thank you to all of you who are standing up for everybody in America. This shit is out of control!

  2. Carolyn

    I am disappointed that the Redlands City Council so openly disregards the comments of those with whom they disagree. With regards to the inaccuracies in the minutes of the previous meeting as pointed out by a citizen speaker, the mayor did not acknowledge or ask for clarification of any of the speaker’s comments, proposed that the minutes be approved and not one council member spoke up or raised a question or asked that corrections be made but rather unanimously approved the minutes without blinking an eye.

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