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Community Emergency Response Team program

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program


  • 20 hour training, supplies & equipment, and free meals (sponsored by local businesses)
  • Quarterly (next training Fri-Sun, Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2014)
  • Each class ~ 20-25
  • Didactic, interactive, hands-on, simulation
  • Emergency Disaster Prep (self, neighbor, local, regional, state)
  • Earth, Wind, Fire, Terrorism
  • Plan, Prepare, and Mitigate
  • Disaster Recovery, Urban Search & Rescue, Emergency Com
  •  Assist 1st Responders (medical, utility, law enforcement, fire)
  •  Floods, Landslides, firestorms, winterstorms, Residential  Neighborhood checks, Special needs evacuation, animal evacuation  & sheltering, General evacuation, traffic management, crowd management, staffing shelters


  • NO cost to participate (“free” hands-on training, special supplies & equipment) because … YOU PAID via your taxes already (and much of the food and materials are donated)
  • However, because of the volunteerism involved, this reduces the need for local Fire and Police to hire additional staff to do what well-trained volunteers can do (fiscal responsibility)
  •  I E A (“I Eat Apples”)   Inform       Educate      Advocate
  • Develop and cultivate trusting relationships
  •  As you develop the trust, your community will look to you on issues related locally, regional, state, and federal.

Local CERT programs

  • Redlands                Fay Glass (
  • Loma Linda            Debra Kreske (dkreske@lomalinda-ca.go)
  • San Bernardino       Michael Ramirez (
  • Beaumont              Rick Cook (
  • Colton                   Kevin Valentin (
  • Riverside               Anthony Richardson (