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Take the Redlands “Crazy” Train Poll

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The Inland Empire Transit Alliance was formed to support financially sound, practical and safe public transportation.
The $250 Million Redlands Passenger Rail does not meet these requirements.
The Redlands Passenger Rail is worse than another waste of our money government boondoggle. It will make life, business and transportation worse in Redlands.

We think most important facts about the Train are:

  • It will run 24 diesel trains per day through Redlands with 12 street crossing, 288 street crossings per day, making traffic worse.
  • They may “quiet” the crossings. Otherwise, the trains have to blow their horns 3-4X at each crossing. “Quieting” costs extra and there is no guaranty it will happen.
  • It will waste $250 million (the government’s present estimate) plus operating losses, and few people will ride the train.
  • The City plans to replace the Redlands Mall with a huge 5 or 6 story “stack and pack” commercial and high density housing project and a concrete parking garage so big it will block view of the Kerkorian theater from the freeway.
  • There will also be dense, high rise stack and pack housing near Esri and the U of R.

    Therefore, the IETA believes Omnitrans buses are a better use of taxpayer dollars. Unlike the train, the bus is paid for and routes are flexible and can adapt to changing population concentrations.
    To learn more, please see and sign up for updates at


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