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Democrat Corruptocrats Look Out for One Another

Democrat Corruptocrats Look Out for One Another

Bob Allen
When Attorney Generals refuse to prosecute crimes by fellow members of their party, they reveal themselves to be standard Democrat Corruptocrats.

Looks like the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, is an “A” student in the Eric Holder School of Protecting Corruption through Partisan Law.

Thus we read in the Daily Signal: “Two Pa. Legislators Indicted for Voter ID Bribes in a Case the State AG Refused to Prosecute.”

A grand jury convened by Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has indicted two Democratic state legislators for accepting bribes in exchange for voting against a voter ID bill, among other legislative actions.
The grand jury findings also represent a withering rejection of the unjustifiable behavior of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who shut down the three-year investigation that caught state Democratic legislators on video and audio tapes taking bribes. Williams stepped in and successfully prosecuted the case.

As the grand jury reported, it had 26 recordings featuring Rep. Ronald G. Waters, who accepted nine cash payments from a confidential informant totaling $8,750. The grand jury had 24 recordings of Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown accepting five cash payments totaling $4,000. Waters agreed to vote against Pennsylvania House Bill 934, a voter ID bill, in exchange for $2,000. Brown also agreed to vote against House Bill 934 for the same amount.
Brown was so eager to vote the way she had been paid by the informant that she offered to “get up and speak” on the floor of the Pennsylvania House in opposition to the bill. Both “representatives testified before this Grand Jury and admitted their criminal conduct.”
When those who are preeminently tasked with upholding the law are rotten to the core we’ve got a major problem… And right now that means we have a major problem.

Justice is supposed to be blind—meaning, the only thing that matters is what a person does, not what he looks like, or what position he holds in life. Looks like Holder and Kane specialize in putting the blindfold over their own eyes. And that blindfold is emblazoned with one word: “Democrat.”


Bob Allen is a veteran of more than 30 years in media, and has been spreading trouble across State lines since 1986. Most of his career involves producing, writing, and co-hosting syndicated talk and information radio programs, and he is currently Director of Programming for a national television network.

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