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Dems for Sean Flynn


Sean Flynn is running against Paul Chabot in Congressional District 31 as a “Rep.”

Please see the following list of Dems donating to Sean Flynn and in particular Barbara Schiffrin who donated 10s if not 100s of thousands of dollars to the Dems.

We confirmed the information is accurate with Paul Chabot and Sean Flynn. 

Sean Flynn also donated $8000.00 to Michigan Dem Congressman now Senator Gary Peters.

At the Redlands Republican Women Federated meeting on April 15, Sean Flynn said he opposes amnesty, but he favors legalizing illegal immigrants, letting them legally live and work in America, and then apply for citizenship after 10 years.  In my book, that’s amnesty.

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots cabinet recommends Paul Chabot.  By a supermajority vote, the San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee endorsed Paul Chabot. Paul’s many other endorsements include the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Sean Flynn’s Dem Donations

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  1. Carolyn Gonzales

    I say when an unknown “professor” decides he wants to run for Congress, and viola!! he has a war chest of donations, a lot from the opposite party, big donors from the opposite party… I say, this guy is a fake, a plant, a puppet for the Dems. I also say he has not the integrity to run for office in the Party which is backing him. In horse races this is done; it is called an “also ran” where in two horses from the same owner run in the same race, one to take the lead and the other to close. Hello, Sean Flynn and Pete Aguilar…a two horse dupe!

  2. J Siefferman

    It goes to show how unscrupulous the dems are. They are will to lie, deceive and change affiliates to take away our America culture, values and our constitutional government. It’s bad enough the old loyalist to the party can’t or won’t educate themselves that their party does no longer represent JFK values. It is a movement of progressive racists haters to indifference, fueled by communist ideology hoarding money greed, power to controlling freedoms over the low end and middle population.

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