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Derry, Aguilar, Ramos, Redlands, Hypocrisy and Truth

Derry, Aguilar, Ramos, Redlands, Hypocrisy and Truth

I am amused at the phony and hypocritical moral outrage from Neil Derry’s opponents.  They are all on their high moral horses expressing their moral outrage about Neil Derry’s now expunged misdemeanor plea bargain for not reporting one $5000 campaign contribution.

The same people are strangely silent regarding the following dishonesty, misfeasance, malfeasance and corruption:

San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos was fined by the California Fair Political Practices Commission in 2009 for a $10,000 slush fund involving his wife. She now leads the “California Homeowners Association PAC” formed specifically to attack Neil.  [For some reason neither Michael Ramos nor is wife were criminally prosecuted.]

 Wayne Stair, a former 1st Centennial Bank executive when the bank went belly up, now heads the “Redlands Committee Against Neil Derry.”

“For Pete’s Sake,” Mayor Aguilar was vice president of Arrowhead Credit Union when it was fined for not reporting $100,000 in campaign contributions.  [For some reason no one at Arrowhead Credit Union was criminally prosecuted.]

“For Pete’s Sake,” Mayor Aguilar was vice president of Arrowhead Credit Union when it was seized by Federal regulators. 

“For Pete’s Sake,” Mayor Aguilar claimed at the debate he did not know whether unions were making independent expenditures for him.  If you do not believe that statement, Aguilar bald faced lied to voters’ faces.

While the liberal Redlands establishment claim Neil Derry will make Redlands like San Bernardino, the current city council is planning to build more low income housing in Redlands like San Bernardino did, as this paper reported.

Unless you believe 70% of the wear and tear on Redlands streets is from trash trucks, the current city council violated Prop 218 by raising trash fees to pay for street repairs without a vote of the people.  Even if that was technically legal, the current city council could have put a tax increase on the ballot and asked the people’s consent.  However, whether or not the current city council acted illegally, the council chose to circumvent a vote of the people.  [As candidate Jane Dreher said at the city council candidate forum, what if the people vote no?]


Every Redlands voter should also ask why San Manuel tribal leaders are donating tens of thousands of dollars their casino profits to the anti Neil Derry PACs and donated to all of the other city council candidates, other than John Montgomery.  

Every Redlands voter should ask why an out of town developer is also donating money to the anti-Neil Derry PACs.

Are the San Manuel tribal leaders and the out of town developer altruistically spending their money to help Redlands elect the best people to the city council or do they want something in exchange?

Every Redlands voter should also ask who is making Redlands more like San Bernardino.

A vote for Neil Derry (and John Montgomery) on Nov. 4 is a vote for truly honest government, a vote for fiscal responsibility, a vote against more tax and fee increases, and a vote to change Redlands for the better.

A vote for Paul Chabot is a vote for the same in Washington.




  1. Greg Robertson

    Regarding the comment: “A vote for Paul Chabot is a vote for the same in Washington.”

    In the first place I disagree with the comment. Secondly, if you had a choice of taking a pill that would give you a stomach ache or taking a pill that would kill you, which would you choose? In case you are wondering, that was a rhetorical question which no sensible person who was not suicidal would have to think about before answering.

    If you are conservative but do not like Chabot, vote for him anyway. Not voting for Paul Chabot is a vote for Pete Aguilar and Barack Obama. Don’t be stupid!

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