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Great SOTU, but Donald Trump Goes Wobbly on Immigration and Amnesty; What Should We Do?

Great SOTU, but Donald Trump Goes Wobbly on Immigration and Amnesty; What Should We Do?

While President Trump gave a great SOTU speech, I think his best speech ever, he has gone wobbly on immigration and amnesty.

After winning the amnesty showdown with the Dems, and with polls showing we are winning the immigration debate [e.g. 81% of Americans want less immigration, 75% of Hillary Clinton voters want merit based immigration], the White House announced its immigration/DACA amnesty proposal:

**Guarantied, upfront legal status and eventual citizenship for 1.8 MILLION illegal immigrants.
**Ends the “visa lottery” but reallocates the 50,000 immigration slots to other categories.
**Ends chain migration but only after the current backlog gets in, which will be sometime after 2030.
**$25 Billion for border security that could possibly include a wall.

While President Trump gave a great SOTU speech, I think his best speech ever, he has gone wobbly on immigration and amnesty.

I thought we elected this guy.  I want him back.  

Problems with Donald Trump immigration/DACA amnesty proposal:

1st.  There is no guaranty any of the enforcement measures or reduced immigration will ever happen. There is plenty of time for the pro mass immigration forces to delay, terminate or water them down.

–In 1986, Congress passed amnesty, and the politicians promised this would be the one and only amnesty, and they would there after enforce our immigration laws.  How did that work out?
–In 1996, Congress passed a law requiring an entry/exit tracking system.  It is still not in place.
–In 2006, Congress passed a law requiring 700-800 miles of double layer fence on the US/Mexican border.  Virtually none of it was built.
–While Donald Trump fully intends to implement the good elements of his immigration/DACA amnesty proposal, give the record of DC politicians, what are the odds that any of the good elements will ever happen?
–As the saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

2nd.  The illegal immigrants get citizenship and the right vote. That means 1.4 million new Dem voters. 80% plus of legal and illegal immigrants [and illegals do vote] and their children and grandchildren vote Dem.

3rd.  8 MILLION is not a cap. A future administration, Dem apparatchiks in the bureaucracy and/or liberal judges can extend it more illegal immigrants.  It is estimated the total population of illegal immigrants who arrived in America as minors is ~4.5 MILLION.

–The 1986 amnesty was supposed to cover 1.5 MILLION, and it ended up covering ~3 MILLION illegal immigrants.

4th.  No mandatory e-verify. This is probably the single most important step to stop illegal immigration.

5th.  No crack down on sanctuary cities and states.

6th.  No reduction of the 1.1 million green cards given out every year.  And, no reduction in ~1.5 MILLION supposedly “temporary” foreign workers admitted each year.  

–In the last year of the Obama admin, they admitted ~1.8 MILLION immigrants, not counting illegals.
–From 1981 to 2016, 33 MILLION legal immigrants came to America, and this does not count the mass illegal immigration through our open borders.  It is beyond the scope of this already long post to discuss the negative economic, cultural, educational, health and political effects of admitting 33 million mostly poor Third World immigrants. 
–However, the American people never asked for this mass immigration. 
–This Numbers USA video explains what will happen with the current mass immigration, which Donald Trump’s proposal will not reduce until maybe, perhaps, after 2030.  With current legal immigration, America’s population will be 400 MILLION by 2040, 500 MILLION by 2070 and more than 600 MILLION by 2100.   

–And 80% plus of the immigrants and their children and grandchildren will vote Dem.

All in favor say “Si.”

7th.  No effective entry exit system to control visa overstays. Every year ~1.5 MILLION “temporary” foreign workers are allowed in with no, zero, nada, none, follow up to make sure they leave.

8th.  No tightening of asylum standards that allow illegal immigrants to say the magic words and get into America while their asylum cases languish for years.

9th.  There will be massive fraud as there was with prior amnesties. Millions upon millions of illegal immigrants including those yet to illegally immigrate will claim they meet the criteria and purchase forged documents to support their claim.  The Dem apparatchiks in the bureaucracy will likely rubberstamp the applications.  Even if they act in good faith, they will be overwhelmed with millions of applications.

–By way of example, in the 1986 amnesty, illegal immigrant and New York City cab driver Mahmud Abouhalima got amnesty by claiming to be an agricultural worker.  In 1993, he participated in the first World Trade Center bombing.

10th.  Any illegal immigrants denied amnesty by the bureaucracy will file lawsuits that will clog the court’s and take many years to resolve, all while the illegal immigrants get to stay in America. This will effectively end deportations as every illegal immigrant claims to be a “DACA kid.”

11th.  Any amnesty is subject to liberal judges. By way of example, on January 30, a liberal judge blocked the deportation of a convicted fraudster, who despite a final removal order, was able to delay his deportation for 9 years.  ICE took him into custody for return to his home country.  The liberal Obama judge ruled ICE could not deport him without advance warning and a chance to say good bye [and of course a chance to escape and hide].

12th.  There already is a surge of illegal immigrants at the border with all of amnesty talk.  If Donald Trump’s or any amnesty plan is adopted, the surge will become a deluge.

–Until we end illegal immigration, discussing, let alone granting amnesty is stark raving insane and only increases illegal immigration with illegals expecting to take advantage of the next or the next, next amnesty.

13th.  Any amnesty rewards illegal immigration and encourages more illegal immigration.

14th.  Donald Trump promised no amnesty. Breaking his promises on this key issue will discourage and demobilize his supporters while gaining no new supporters.  Joel Pollack of Breitbart News accurately described Donald Trump’s immigration/amnesty proposal as the “Self Impeachment Act of 2018.”  It will make Dem control of Congress after the 2018 election much more likely.

15th.  Bottom line, Donald Trump’s immigration/amnesty proposal continues the past mistakes of amnesty first and enforcement later; continues the Ruling Class practice of putting the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of Americans, and defers all benefits of enforcement and reduced immigration for American workers, taxpayers and children until after 2030 at the earliest while granting unconditional, guarantied amnesty upfront.

16th.  Donald Trump promised in his inaugural address: “Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit American workers and American families.”

–Donald Trump said in his State of the Union address: “But as President of the United States, my highest loyalty, my greatest compassion, and my constant concern is for America’s children, America’s struggling workers, and America’s forgotten communities.  I want our youth to grow up to achieve great things.  I want our poor to have their chance to rise.”

Why is any amnesty and why is continued mass immigration in the interests of American workers, American families, America’s children, America’s struggling workers, America’s forgotten communities, and America’s poor who want a chance to rise?

What should we do?

There are two perhaps three schools of thought on Donald Trump’s immigration/amnesty proposal (1)  It is a terrible betrayal of his promises.  (2)  He does not mean it; it’s a political ploy to show how far left and pro illegal immigration the Dems are.  (3)  His advisors told him for only 1.8 million amnesties [“for the DACA kids”], we get the wall, the end of chain migration and end of the visa lottery and they did not tell him about all of the problems listed above. 

I am not sure which is correct, but Donald Trump’s immigration/amnesty proposal is a terrible idea for the reasons above, and he is ultimately responsible for the polices he advocates.

While the Dems rejected Donald Trump’s immigration/amnesty proposal out of hand, proponents of amnesty and mass immigration never give up.  Full amnesty with citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants will be the starting point for future negotiations.

The Ruling Class wants mass legal and illegal immigration for their own selfish political and economic reasons, Dem votes and cheap labor, and they care not one iota about the effects on American workers, American taxpayers and American children.

We must not abandon independent thought when it comes to Donald Trump.  When he gets off course, we need to let him know.

We also need to let the pro amnesty, pro mass immigration Reps know that amnesty is unacceptable and will cost them dearly politically.  We need to make as big a furor over this amnesty proposal as possible to head off a possible future amnesty proposal that might succeed.

Acceptable alternative?

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots believes there is an acceptable alternative.  Rep Goodlatte proposed the Securing America’s Future Act, HR 4760.  While it grants renewable legal status to the remaining 694,000 DACAs, it has many other good features.  Read more here. 
This table compares HR 4760 with the Senate “Gang of 6” amnesty bill and Donald Trump’s prior position before his current immigration/amnesty proposal. 

Contact Donald Trump and the Reps

Tweet to @realDonaldTrump
“#NoDACA #NoAmnesty #KeepYourPromises” is sufficient.  You can add “support the Goodlatte bill.”  

Send an email at

Call the White House comment line at 202.456.1111 or call the White House switch board at 202.456.1414.

Also contact your Rep member of Congress and Senators.  Here are Speaker Ryan’s and CA Rep members of Congress’ Twitter handles.

@SpeakerRyan @GOPLeader @KevinOMcCarthy   @DarrellIssa   @RepEdRoyce @TeamCalvert @KenCalvert   @RepRohrabacher   @SteveKnight25 @RepMimiWalters   @Rep_Hunter   @DougLaMalfa   @RepMcClintock  @RepPaulCook   @RepJeffDenham   @RepDavidValadao   @Rep_DevinNunes

Tea Party Patriots
has talking points, contract information and prepackaged tweets.

Social media

In addition to sharing this post/newsletter, Numbers USA and FAIR USA have great material to share.

Amnesty and mass immigration proponents never give up and neither can we.


Gregory W. Brittain, Attorney at Law
Redlands Tea Party Patriots Cabinet Member
Unite IE Board Member
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  1. Ed

    POTUS does not have the votes to do what he wants on the immigration problem. Therefore, he is trying to get something good done; something that the Dems will vote for along with the GOP votes he has. We know that not all GOP members will vote for DJT bill on immigration see the

  2. Carol

    Let’s be honest. It is OUR fault that these people are even here. For over 20 years we talked about immigration and did nothing. You can hear speeches from Bill Clinton saying we needed to crack down. And we didn’t. And here we are. If you listened to him last night, they will not be citizens for 12 years. That’s not my idea of amnesty. I think they need to be given a track to citizenship where they are allowed to go thru USCIS and become citizens if they meet criteria. We have to be reasonable. And we need to limit this track to those people as well as removing that law about anchor babies and chain migration.

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