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Education: New Year’s Eve Billboard In Times Square with Godly Message – Video

Christian Group Blasts Left With Bold New Year’s Eve Billboard In Times Square
Creationist organization Answers in Genesis chose one of the most widely viewed locations in the world for its brief, pointed New Year’s Eve advertisement. Founder Ken Ham explained in a Facebook message that his group chose New York City’s Times Square as the backdrop for its 15-second billboard message. “As you’re watching the ball drop at Times Square on New Year’s Eve on TV,” he wrote, “our brand-new animated digital billboard message of freedom will be playing right there.”

Not only does the message recognize God as the source of America’s freedom; it also takes a shot at leftists who have tried to silence Ham’s group and others like it. “To all our intolerant liberal friends,” the billboard reads, “Thank God for freedom.” The organization offered a detailed explanation for its decision to purchase the prominent billboard, concluding the message has four distinct purposes. First, the spot was designed to identify the hypocrisy of anti-Christian activists who “claim to pursue tolerance” but are in fact “some of the most intolerant people around.”

The message makes a clear case that forcing the removal of Christian symbols “flies in the face of freedom of religion and freedom of speech.”

Answers in Genesis also wants to deliver the message that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only path to “the freedom each person so desperately needs to be freed from slavery to sin.”

Finally, the organization hopes to share the true meaning of the cross and a “reminder of the true message of Jesus Christ.”