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“Electile Dysfunction: When the moment is right”

I think this is one the best political ads ever. It is just the right distance over the line between good taste and bad taste to be a great ad!

Boehner has 51 percent support in his own district, but only 25 percent support when paired against any no-name challenger.”
Defeating Boehner would send the strongest possible message to the establishment Reps that the Tea Party movement and their base do not want more Washington business as usual. As Jenny Beth Martin wrote recently on Breitbart, the Dems and Reps are Thelma and Louise driving America towards the fiscal cliff. Dem Thelma wants to step on the gas, and Rep Louise wants to leave the car on cruise control. Neither wants to stop or turn.

Boehner also very much wants to pass amnesty that will increase unemployment and reduce wages for American workers and make all of America like California politically, governed by far left Dems.    Winteregg deserves our support. Ad alone has to be worth $5 or $10 for entertainment value. Please send whatever you can, $5, $10, $20, $25….
I sent $25.00. gb

See His website Here;