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Immanuel Baptist Church presents: “Human Trafficking, A Hidden Evil,” April 14, 6:30

Immanuel Baptist Church presents:
“Human Trafficking, A Hidden Evil”

Featured Speakers:

Summer Stephan
Chief Deputy District Attorney, San Diego

Sandra Erkhart
Outreach Coordinator, Forgotten Children

Immanuel Baptist Church
April 14, 6:30 p.m.
Worship Center
28355 Base Line
Highland, CA 92346

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  1. Tracey Gloudeman Tillery

    Please Donald yes one is the wall the other are middle easterns.. But Trump we have a greater one we need your help childern our tomorrows and today the system CPS IS A ABUSEING OUR CHILDERN and covering up their emtional abuse i have so many professional and grandparents so on that would love if you can expose this system please my name is Tracey 3603699482 we need a Man Father Grandfather too give these little ones a voice with ours. Please the word is out there is for real I would love too show them u are childern come first they are our todays and tomorrows..Tracey

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