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In the battle just fought, and in the long war…“DUTY IS OURS; RESULTS ARE GOD’S” John Quincy Adams

In the battle just fought, and in the long war…



Redlands Tea Party Patriots thanks all of the great Patriots with our group and others who worked very hard for America during the past election.

For all of us on the cabinet of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots, it is an honor to serve as leaders of such a dedicated group of Patriots.

Please understand that we are in a long war for the fate and future of America, unless we surrender the country to the ruthless, remorseless, corrupt #DemParty and its cronies that want to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” and will say and do anything to gain the power to do so.  

This election was only one battle in that long war, and elections and politics are only one front in that war that is also cultural, educational, economic, legal, spiritual and religious. 

The #DemParty and its cronies have waged this war for 50+ years against America and the principles that made her great, free and prosperous.  To win this civil war for America, we first need to realize it is war [so far non shooting] because we cannot win a war if we don’t realize we are in one.  Then we need to adjust our thinking and actions commensurate with winning the war.

We know some Patriots have decided to leave California and others are considering doing so.  I cannot argue against that decision, but know that we cannot escape the long war against America waged by the #DemParty and its cronies, we can only choose whether to fight for America and where.

For me, I could not live with myself if I did not fight to pass on an America as great, free and prosperous as the one I received.