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Is Donald Trump Conservative [and is that important this year]?

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IS DONALD TRUMP CONSERVATIVE [and is that important this year]?

Quoting Pat Caddell and others, I have argued this election is not about ideology, it is about insurgency against the corrupt, incompetent, “do as we say not as we do” Ruling Class that is making America less free, less prosperous and less secure.

Ann Coulter wrote this week:
“This is not an election about who can check off the most boxes on a conservative policy list, or even about who is the best or nicest person. This is an election about saving the concept of America, an existential election like no other has ever been.  Anyone who doesn’t grasp this is part of the problem, not part of the solution.”

The other candidates are not exactly paragons of consistency including Ted Cruz who, for examples: (A) voted for ObamaTrade before voting against it, (B) who supported a 5X increase in H-1B visas, (C) who offered an amendment to the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill to provide for legalization of illegal immigrants [although Cruz claims that was merely tactical], (D) who opposes Donald Trump’s plan to pause Muslim immigration unless and until they can be properly vetted, (E) who opposes Donald Trump’s plan for a “deportation force” to return the illegal immigrants to their home countries, (F) who refuses to say what he will do with illegal immigrants, (G) who voted for the Iran Nuclear Review Act [that enabled all Obama’s Nukes for Iran deal by requiring a 2/3 of both houses to block the deal].


Leaving aside for this post, (1) Donald Trump’s track record of winning and success, (2) Trump has dominated the campaign spending far less than other candidates, (3) his courage to say what he thinks and take on political correctness and the media, (4) his vitally important ability to control the agenda being discussed, (5) his ability to push back against the media [that Ken Timmerman says is worth 6-8% of the vote], (6) #DonaldTrump is breaking up the existing political structure [that alone is a huge accomplishment], and (7) his crossover appeal to normally Democrat working men and women including blacks,

Let’s examine whether #DonaldTrump is “conservative.”

Donald Trump is campaigning on the following policies:

  1. Securing our border with a wall to stop illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and infiltration of terrorists.
  2. Limiting legal immigration to protect American workers.
  3. Supporting and defending Second Amendment rights.
  4. Ending #CommonCore.
  5. Protecting Christians and Christianity in America and around the world.
  6. Repealing #Obamacare and replacing it with a system of health savings accounts.
  7. Reducing tax rates for most people and businesses and simplifying the tax system. [Ted Cruz has a better tax plan, but no candidate is perfect.]
  8. Protecting American workers from unfair trade practices and bad trade deals. Donald Trump has consistently opposed #ObamaTrade, which allows unlimited “temporary” foreign workers and cedes American sovereignty to a Transpacific Commission like the European Commission.
  9. Strengthening our military in an increasingly dangerous world.
  10. Pausing Muslim immigration unless and until they can be properly vetted.
  11. #DonaldTrump has the courage to call out the #GlobalWarming hoax.
  12. #DonaldTrump wants to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs to take proper care of our veterans.

That all sounds good and conservative to me.


One can certainly find prior nonconservative statements by Donald Trump, some 10, 15, 20 years ago, and some more recent.  However, in his 1988 interviews linked below, “Republican,” “conservative,” “businessman” Donald Trump sounds remarkably like he does today.

The explicit or implicit assumption of those claiming Donald Trump is not “conservative” is Donald Trump is lying about what he now believes.  You/they could be right, but I do not think so for the following reasons.

–Donald Trump publicly supported and raised money for John McCain in 2008, who was likely to and did lose. 

–Prior to running for election, Donald Trump was a businessman headquartered in New York City.  To be successful, he had to get along with the liberal politicians that run the city and state of New York. 

–When Donald Trump was primarily focused on his business, I am not sure how much thought he gave to politics beyond the politics of getting his projects built. 

–Businesses and business leaders frequently contribute to and hob knob with politicians from both political parties.

–At least as of 2013, Donald Trump was consistently against amnesty.

–Donald Trump’s trajectory over the years has been to become more publicly conservative.

–If Donald Trump was to substantially deviate from his current positions, he would lose most of his current supporters and would not gain very many liberal supporters.  Donald Trump would destroy his brand by doing so.

–While ego is involved to some extent for all politicians, and especially those who aspire to be President of the United States, I believe Donald Trump is running for president primarily because he sees America is in decline and genuinely wants to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.  To do so, necessarily requires conservative policies.

— I believe Donald Trump when he says “my whole energy, my whole being will be to make our country rich and make our country great again.”



–The dire circumstances for American and Western civilization [four or eight more years of open borders and mass third world immigration may put the country beyond reach for any national or even statewide conservative candidate],

–The need to overthrow the corrupt, incompetent, “do as we say and not as we do” Ruling Class,

–#Immigration is the most important issue because it determines all other issues.

— Donald Trump would be hard pressed to do worse than the current Ruling Class in Washington. 

— Merely breaking down the existing political structure may be worth the price of admission. 

–Building the wall to stop illegal immigration, drug smuggling and infiltration of Islamist terrorists and Latin American gang members such as MS-13, would be worth the price of admission.

–Donald Trump will not be pushed around or taken advantage of, and I believe under President Trump, America will not be pushed around or taken advantage of.

I am willing to take a chance with Donald Trump.  Donald Trump may well be our last chance to save America. 


1988 interviews:

Oprah Winfrey Interviews Donald Trump in 1988


Donald Trump Interview 1988 Republican convention
[Donald Trump was introduced as a “conservative.”]