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Is This Really What You Voted For?

Is this really what voters had in mind?? 😤

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  1. Harvey

    July 20, 2016

    To: Redlands Daily Facts Editor

    From: Larry Leonard – Inland Empire Transit Alliance

    Subject: Redlands Rail Project – The New Normal

    On July 7 the Redlands Daily Facts published an article on the San Bernardino Associated Government’s outreach program to inform the public about the Redlands Rail Project. As SanBAG’s Tim Watkins said, the purpose of this program is to “get the information in front of the people” about the commuter rail and how it will create a “new normal” for us.

    Here are some details about the “new normal” that SanBAG is not talking about:

    1. The “outreach program” is costing us half a million dollars.
    2. SanBAG says the Redlands Rail Project will cost $250 million. This is not true. With the bonding interest costs the total for the connection between the University of Redlands and the San Bernardino Transit Center comes to over $348 million.
    3. The train will run an operating deficit every year of over $4 million dollars.
    4. The train will make over 550 street crossings each and every day of operation (25 round trips times 11 intersections). This does not include the 4 trips per day by the “express train.”
    5. The “express train” will be full size Metrolink equipment and not the smaller DMUs.
    6. To reach destinations west of Redlands you must first stop at the San Bernardino Transit Center where you make a train change. Then it is on to the Old San Bernardino Station for another boarding delay.
    7. Then there is the question of how the Redlands Rail will disrupt the flow of traffic and emergency response times between the north and south sides of Redlands. To date there is no plan for solving these problems.
    8. The train will aggravate the historical north/south cultural divide and disrupt the common cohesion of the city. There is currently no plan to solve this problem.
    9. Councilman Harrison has repeatedly stated the train will not cost the people of Redlands anything. If this is true, then why has the council voted $150,000 for a design proposal to enhance the downtown Redlands station? This does not include the costs of construction.
    10. Who will pay for the extra security along the route and at the train stations in Redlands?

    So there is the “new normal” for us. Another dubious, costly, debt-ridden government project for future generations to pay for.

    Larry Leonard – Inland Empire Transit Alliance

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