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Let’s Hydrate Jerry Brown’s California ‘♣’

Let’s Hydrate Jerry Brown’s California


proof-god-exists2The state of California is currently suffering what our leaders in Sacramento call is a drought, now in truth, the California weather and water patterns are doing what they’ve always done, we believe it’s really a lack of common sense. So Jerry and his disorganization have fined the city of Redlands $61,000 for using water which they pumped out of their own real estate and drank. We understand that citizens need to let Jerry know exactly what we think, so we’re sending him small samples of water in appropriate receptacles leaving no doubt to his understanding exactly what we think and what we want him to do… ( re-hydrate California a few drops at a time ) It’s very simple.

flatrateYou just need a few United States Post Office priority flat medium rate boxes, some specimen bottles which you can purchase on Amazon. You can get 100 of them for about $25 delivered to your home

cupsand a packing slip ( print from website ) so that Jerry understands what to do with the donations when they arrive.. The packing slip contains some written advice on the “sample cups” and what to do with them and exactly why we’re sending it to him,  an advice on common sense  on carbon dioxide is included.  So when you are packaging your sample, feel free to exhale a little carbon dioxide into the cup along with the water that were sending them.

Now this is a protest, and its purpose is to let Jerry Brown know just what we think. So please no biological contents in “sample cups” or anything that would be less than tasteful while handling these packages.  We are encouraging all patriotic citizens everywhere to send personally prepared packages to Jerry, we have included an address on the packing slip,  you can find all the relevant documents and information on the Redlands Tea Party Patriots Website, where you may print the the Packing Slip and  this document along with the  other supporting information.

Henry, Webmaster for the Redlands Tea Party Patriots



Congressman Stockman recommends sending Jerry the cups...
Congressman Stockman recommends sending Jerry the cups…








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Special thanks to Sam for collaborating with me on this!   💡 

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