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Love of Country vs. Love of government

Love of Country v. Love of government…is there a difference?

The odd thinking, conclusions and worldview of Democrats has always amazed and mystified me. Once in a while, I receive a revelation and an understanding about them. Yesterday I received one of those revelations while talking to a very nice, loving and authentic human being (who also somehow was a Democrat) in the course of my business.
We were having difficulty with some government regulations regarding a business transaction that only retarded the goal of what we were mutually trying to accomplish.
When my friend said something about this government induced difficulty we were experiencing, they said, “As much as I love my Government, this is ridiculous”. Then it hit me. Then it stopped me in my tracks. Then I had a revelation instant.
When a Democrat says, “I love my Country” and when they say “I love my Government”, those two separate concepts mean exactly the same thing to them and are used interchangeably in every sense of expression and thought.
As a conservative and patriot; I see nothing but difference between my Country and my Government. I learned in school that we had government way before we had a “Country”. It seemed clear to me the British had implemented a government here on the East coast of our continent that came in the standard packaging of taxation and “security” of a requisite military. We were governed and could enjoy the relatively free society, pick our trade of choice, own land, operate a business and a farm.
We were birds of a feather more than we wanted to admit. We felt that in this new world and on this new continent that we were our own “Country” and we often referred to others around us as “Our Fellow Countrymen” People left Britain in droves to come here not because they no longer loved their Country. It was because they no longer loved their government. Nearly everyone would say they love their Country, but today- only a Democrat would say, “I love my government”.
It is this very basic cognitive distortion that causes Democrats to have blind faith and allegiance in government. If it was not for a very healthy distrust of government, our founders would not have rallied to form their new and own, “Country”. Our declaration of Independence and our Constitution both are chock full of distrust of government. When our new “Country “was born, we needed a new kind of “Government” and gave it a different kind of structure, one that exalted Liberty and Justice for all men.
President Ronald Reagan taught us that Government and Liberty are sworn enemies. Even our founders who implemented our new Government were aware of this. When did they start to worry that our new system could be manipulated into a monstrous tool that could be used to squash Liberty? – About 15 minutes after the ink dried on the Constitution document. Many statesmen on the committees that considered what and should not be included in that document and the Bill of Rights; both foresaw and voiced their concerns about loopholes they could see even in the checks and balances that were embedded by design and purpose.
No longer were we then “subjects” of an all powerful and impersonal government of force. Instead our new form of government was installed to assure our collective and individual Liberty, assure our collective and individual Freedom and assure that our rights given to us by God would never ever again be thwarted by a ruling class of elitists. We knew as both freemen and men who had pushed out from under the thumb of oppressive, big government- that we must be ever vigilant and honor the checks and balances that our new system of government to insure that it never becomes a tool to use against us in our constant pursuit of Liberty of happiness assured because we now owned and controlled the government and not the other way around.
As a conservative, I love my Country but, I do not like what my “Government” has become. Today the rights given to us by God are being thwarted and perverted by a ruling class of elitists who thirst for and esteem big government power over individual liberty and freedom. That is a very bad thing and something that people who love our “Country” must fight. The term, “take our country back” should perhaps more appropriately be called, “take our Government back”. The chief difficulty in that endeavor is the substantially large number of our fellow countrymen who have been incorrectly taught that our Country and our Government is one in the very same thing.
Ken Hunter
Redlands, CA
June 24, 2015