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March Against Sharia Law [with pics]


ACT for America organized nationwide Marches Against Sharia Law on June 10.  Denise Ruiz and Latinos for Trump organized the largest and most successful “March Against Sharia Law” in the country on June 10 in San Bernardino at the site the December 2, 2015 Islamic terrorist attack.

~500 American citizens, and a very diverse group at that, took time out of their day and notwithstanding the threat of violence from the opposition turned out to protest against Sharia Law and for freedom and the Constitution.

Antifa/communist/Marxist protesters showed up to support Sharia Law in America.  For most of the event they proudly held a banner of communist mass murderer Che Guevara.  [The Left and the Islamists have more in common than their differences.]

The San Bernardino Police did a great job.  There was no “violence.”  There were no arrests.  Everyone got to express themselves.

The nationwide #MarchAgainstSharia gererated predictably biased #MSM coverage, there was coverage of Sharia Law.  None of the MSM coverage discussed what is in Sharia Law or whether it’s contrary to our Constitution.


Sharia Law governs virtually all aspects of political and personal life down to how to go to the bathroom.  Sharia Law applies to everyone where Sharia law is in effect.  By definition, Sharia law is from the Muslim god, Allah, and takes precedence over all other law. 

The desire to impose Sharia Law motives Islamic terrorists including those who killed 14 Americans and wounded 22 in San Bernardino.

Europe is ahead of the curve to America in Muslim immigration and Sharia Law.  There are hundreds of “No Go” zones where the governments have effectively ceded control to the Muslims and Sharia Law.  There are Sharia Law patrols on the streets.  In many areas women cannot walk on the streets in Western dress without being harassed or attacked. The governments enforce Sharia Law anti blasphemy laws against people to criticize Islam.

Sharia Law is creeping in in America too.  For example, the San Diego school district recently adopted special treatment for Islam and Muslims in partnership with CAIR that was found to be associated with the Islamic terrorist group Hamas the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial.  History textbooks extol and whitewash the history of Islam.  In many government run schools, children are taught the religious tenets of Islam, but not for any other religion.  They have Hijab days where girls are “encouraged” if not forced to where a Hijab. 

In addition, we are now seeing cases of Female Genital Mutilation in America.

58% of American Muslims believe it should be illegal to criticize Islam or Muhammad, and 12% believe doing so should be punished with death as provided in Sharia Law. 

If you understand Sharia Law, it takes precedence over all other laws including the Constitution.  Therefore, Sharia Law is a growing threat to our freedom and Constitution, and that is why Patriots around the country rallied against Sharia Law.  All freedom loving people should learn more about it.

Thank you to Denise and Latinos for Trump for organizing this great event.  

Denise is already planning her next event for September 9.  Stay tuned.