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Mass Immigration and Open Borders Cost American Workers $500 Billion Per Year



To ask a rhetorical question, does the law of supply and demand apply to the labor market?

Immigration increases the supply of labor hence reducing the price, i.e. wages and salaries. 

“Each year, Sessions highlighted, the U.S. admits over [1,000,000]  permanent residents, 100,000 refugees and asylees, 700,000 guest workers, 600,000 students — many of who have been allowed to work under administrative rules —  and “hundreds of thousands of” illegal immigrants (both border crossers and visa overstays).”

A Harvard economist computed the current open borders, mass immigration policies cost American worker $500 BILLION per year in lower wages and salaries.  In addition, record numbers of working age Americans are not working.

In addition to the cost of open borders and mass immigration to American workers and tax payers, and to the victims of illegal immigrant crime and their families, the Dems with the cooperation of the #EstReps are using open borders and mass immigration to stack the voting deck for the Dems and make all of America like California is politically. 

“The key to winning in 2016 is proving to the working men and women of the country that you will serve their needs– not the needs of the political class– first and always.”  Senator Jeff Sessions

And, I would add that Senator Sessions ran unopposed for reelection in 2014.  There is a hint here for any Rep willing to listen.

BTW, Jeff Sessions endorsed #DonaldTrump