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New Tactic: Attacking Amnesty with Postcards

New Tactic: Attacking Amnesty with Postcards!


We’ve got a packed meeting Thursday, so please come early to our 6:30 p.m. meet and greet with GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly and Paul Schrader, candidate for San Bernardino County sheriff. 

This meeting has the potential to be our most well-attended ever, so come early to assure parking and a seat. If you’re late, be prepared to sit at the bar or stand along the sides.

In addition, we may kick off the meeting a few minutes before 7 p.m. so we can be assured it will end by 9 p.m.

We will begin the meeting with an invocation and pledge, followed by announcements.

Redlands Tea Party cabinet member John Berry will update the audience about the latest involving efforts to overturn AB 1266, the new co-ed bathroom law. John will also introduce Tim Donnelly.

Paul Schrader, candidate for Sheriff, San Bernardino County will be introduced by Louis Reyes, coordinator for the Wine Country Oath Keepers an organization of former police officers, military and others who believe in and support our constitution.  Paul is well-known as an oath keeper and is a strong supporter of the Constitution of the United States.

And in a new tactic, we will be unveiling 5,000 postcards addressed to Kevin McCarthy, Gary Miller, Paul Cook, Darrell Issa, and Buck McKeon, all Republicans the pro-amnesty liberals have been targeting for upcoming amnesty votes in the US Congress (these tactics include chasing them into grocery stores, provoking confrontations, and following them everywhere with cameras).

The postcards unequivocally inform these congressmen that amnesty is a make-or-break issue for us and we are keeping an eye on them. We make a special point that we don’t buy any of the amnesty euphemisms like “pathway to citizenship.” The postcards are addressed to their local offices, the same location the pro-amnesty forces have been targeting.

At our meeting, please take five postcards and sign your name if you wish. You can put your return address on them if you want. Your call. Postcard stamps are 33 cents. We will have some on hand, but if you have some spares, please bring them along to the meeting.

The postcard tactic is a joint effort between the Redlands Tea Party Patriots and We the People Rising, an Inland Empire group leading the fight against amnesty.

Also, you may have noticed that the Redlands Daily Facts has suspended popular and tea party columnist Marilyn Snyder. That means the Facts now has two openly liberal columnists (Phil Courtney and George Alfano) and just one conservative (Lauren Briggs). We are upset at this blatant example of liberal media bias as demonstrated by Facts editor Toni Momberger.

Concerned? Upset? Want Marilyn back? Let Toni know! The main number to the Facts is 909-793-3221. Her email is

We may be cranking up our canvassing campaign as early as Saturday, Jan. 25 (we had been planning to wait until after the Super Bowl). And of course we are confident you will agree we should support local conservatives, such as Tim Donnelly, Paul Schrader, and Mike Morrell, among others. So if you hear something you like, please consider joining our canvassing efforts as well as helping at our market night booths. We will have clipboards to sign up at that meeting. If you’ve never knocked on doors before, don’t fret! Training is provided before every walk.

By starting our canvassing early, we can help California Assemblyman Mike Morrell win during his March 25 special election for state Senate District 23, which was vacated Dec. 1 by the retirement of Bill Emmerson. Bill got a C- from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association in 2013 while Mike got an A, so promoting Mike to the state senate would be a huge win for taxpayers statewide. Special election turnouts fall into the 10 – 15 percent range, so every vote counts more in this election than almost any other. Mike is widely expected to finish in the top two finishers on March 25, which would mean a June 6 general election for him. But if every eligible person reading this newsletter votes for Mike on March 25, he could very well get 50 percent of the vote — which means he wins the seat outright on that day, and would not have to run again in June. We believe you will agree this is definitely a worthwhile goal because big-time liberal money and special interests will be gunning for Mike after the March 25 election.

Our radio show has expanded to one hour. The Redlands Tea Party Patriots are co-hosting on “Unite IE,” a weekly radio show dedicated to getting conservatives off the couch and onto the political football field. Show airs every Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to noon. After just five shows, a group from the Hemet area chose to sponsor the show’s expansion from 30 minutes to one hour.

Here is the link to Unite IE:

You can find the links to our show there.

The national Tea Party Patriots are embarking on a project to document the best practices of successful local chapters throughout the United States — and the Redlands Tea Party Patriots have been asked to participate! We are only one of four groups nationwide (the others are in Illinois, Minnesota and Nebraska) to detail our group’s history and practices in a January webinar to Tea Party Patriot officials. We never would have reached this level of national recognition without your support.

Finally, our Thursday meeting is so packed that we had initially been planning to discuss our 2014 campaign strategy and how you can play a part. We decided to push that back into February, when our guest speaker will be Mike Alexander, a Pasadena tea party member who is sponsoring a ballot initiative to award California’s 55 Electoral College votes by congressional district instead of winner take all (as is the case currently with Maine and Nebraska).

Patriots! We see 2014 as a year we can overturn the liberal super majority in Sacramento. That all starts Thursday with our meeting with Tim Donnelly. C’mon out!