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Newt Gingrich: Donald Trump is a “Horrifying Figure” (to the Establishment)


Newt Gingrich said some amazing things about Donald Trump on O’Reilly on April 4.  Here are some excerpts.  Watch the video yourself.

“Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the Establishment in my lifetime, his willingness to take on political correctness, his willingness to take on the Establishment’s basic deepest policies, his willingness frankly to run over people, so if you are part of the Establishment and most of the news media is part of the Establishment, he is a horrifying figure, they are going oh my god if he won he’d actually change things, I don’t think the folks who gather at Georgetown for cocktail parties whether they are the media, the lobbyists or others, I don’t think those folks particularly want things changed because they are doing just fine.”

“I think it depends on Trump.  I have always said if he can learn enough to win the nomination, he can learn enough to win the general election, so it is conditional.”

“I would say everybody who has underestimated Donald Trump up to now is probably underestimating Donald Trump now.

“I am totally amazed at what Trump can do, I have no idea how he does it, I don’t know why it works the way it does, but I would not bet against him if he gets to be the nominee.”



[I post this as Gregory W. Brittain, not on behalf of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots, which makes no recommendation for president at this time, other than choose Trump or Cruz.]

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  1. Richard Pattison

    I wish we had someone in Britain with the guts to tell the truth as he tells it and remind us of the dangers posed by the twin evils of multi-culturalism and ‘political correctness’!

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