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No Month Long Golfing Vacation

No Month-Long Golfing Vacations for us!


So much news to cover, but first a literal call to action:

The absurd and indefensible “bathroom bill,” AB1266, is on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk — and he is hesitating. If signed, boys and girls could use each other’s bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams based on the gender they identify with instead of the gender they are. Parents and coaches cannot object. Brown must sign by Thursday, but he has yet to make any public announcements.

NOW is the time to call his office, 916-445-2841, press 1 for English and then 6 for a live rep, and nudge him our way. Please call and tell them what you think. Be firm and polite. Tell the reps your concerns, whether it’s a moral, parental or common sense objections or how you may move your children to another state if the bizarre “bathroom bill” becomes law. And don’t forget to mention that you’re a politically active voter.

The Pacific Justice Institute, whose president, Brad Dacus, addressed our general meeting earlier this year, is leading the fight again AB1266 as well as some other extremist legislation. For more information:

As of last week, we officially have 22 people signed up for our Sept. 7 conservative activist training at Mill Creek. We know of several more who have signed up as well as still more who will. The cost for the Sept. 7 training is $25. Early registration, which saved $5 on the fee, expired Aug. 1.

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots are offering a $10 coupon to the first 40 people who sign up. (If you received a coupon at our Aug. 1 sign-up, please tell us when you arrive Sept. 7). The coupon is for the $25 meal, which includes a light breakfast as well as a two-meat lunch and soft drinks, taxes, and tips.

The Leadership Institute, once in the cross hairs of the IRS’ illegal targeting of conservative groups, will lead an all-day training session designed to give conservatives the motivation and knowledge they need to get off the couch and onto the political football field. The training is also designed for people who are considering a run for office.

And just for us, one trainer is flying from Massachusetts to detail how conservatives can win elections in liberal areas. The link to the training is:

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time a national-level conservative group has traveled to the Redlands area to deliver such high-quality training. LI trained more than 13,000 people worldwide in 2012; almost 9,000 of them were in the US.

The Leadership Institute will also travel to Ontario on Sept. 19 for a one-night class titled, “Issues that Unite: Latinos and Conservatism.” The web site lists the training as in Los Angeles, but LI said some readers think of Canada when they write “Ontario,” so they listed the training as in Los Angeles to avoid confusion among non-California residents. See the LI site for more details.

Our Sept. 5 general meeting includes two speakers: California GOP chairman Jim Brulte and State Assembly District 42 candidate Chris Mann. That key district includes Yucaipa.

We are working on a possible joint town hall with Congressmen Gary Miller and Paul Cook. This may or may not happen in August. It may be pushed back into late September. No guarantees on this one. It’s possible we may only coordinate with Gary Miller, who has spoken to us several times before. Regardless, if we land one or both congressman for a town hall meeting, we will not allow CNN or MSNBC to moderate or telecast the events.

We are expanding our monthly market night booth into Yucaipa! Our first market night booth in Yucaipa is Friday, Sept. 27. This is in addition to our current Redlands booth, which will be changed from the fourth Thursday of each month to the third Thursday.

We have three awesome bumper magnets on order! Requested donation is $5 for one and all three for $12. They should be available by the Sept. 5 general meeting.

Finally, we are considering altering this newsletter to better accommodate subscribers. Currently, we send it bimonthly with news exclusive to the Redlands Tea Party Patriots. We send more as special announcements warrant. If you would like to see more — or less — news and information, as well as three or even four times each month, then please let us know at our Sept. 5 general meeting.

*** Update ***

Governor Brown signed the “bathroom bill” on Monday.