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No #ObamaTrade #StopFastTrack

No #ObamaTrade   #StopFastTrack

The most important issue before us today is #ObamaTrade.

Here is the Breitbart article regarding Senator #JeffSessions re: #ObamaTrade.

@SenatorJeffSessions is the gold standard for conservatives and Patriots.

Please also see:  A Devil’s Pact: Instead of Doing Obama’s Bidding, GOP Lawmakers Should Be Opposing ObamaTrade — #StopFastTrack

Most of #ObamaTrade is not about trade; it’s about ceding governance to an unelected international authority like the European Union.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe confirmed the #ObamaTrade agreement covers immigration and allows the free flow of people among the countries party to the #ObamaTrade agreement.  Those countries include Mexico.

Please also see:

While the Establishment Reps are selling out America and the conservative cause.

BTW, Congressman Paul Cook opposes #ObamaTrade despite massive pressure from the Rep “leadership” in the House.   Thank you Congressman Cook.

#StopFastTrack  #NoObamaTrade