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Our Children Will Thank Us

Our Children Will Thank Us (One Day)

Great News Patriots!

We did it!  We reached our goal of 2014 signatures to repeal the “Co-Ed Bathroom Law.”  We are taking a moment to celebrate, and say a big thank you to all who helped us reach our goal. Each signature is a conversation (and sometimes an emotional and lengthy one with parents upset with this law) so we greatly appreciate your efforts.
For the record, our fellow patriots at the Redlands Republican Women’s Club put us over the top when their members gave us about 250 signatures at their monthly meeting last Thursday. We thank them for their generous support.

We have less than two weeks left in the signature effort. Patriots are surging statewide to collect even more petitions to ensure this effort collects the required 500,000 valid signatures. Even in the best of circumstances, qualifying an initiative for the ballot in just 90 days is extremely difficult. Therefore, please keep collecting signatures and mail in whatever you have to the address listed on the bottom of each petition by Nov. 1. We will be mailing in our last package on that day if you give them to us to mail.

Every signature counts, so mail in petitions with even just one name on them.  Please fill out each required line.

(Shhhh! Don’t tell the media, but we have been told in private conversations that the people running this petition, PrivacyforallStudents, are “confident” this will qualify for the 2014 ballot. If it qualifies, the law is placed on hold until we vote next November. Internal polling shows the public already opposes this law 51/34. Undecided voters usually split, so even with that, we’re looking at a 60/40 landslide loss. But considering people hate this law the more they learn about it, it could go down 65/35 if not 70/30, which would be a humiliating loss for Gov. Jerry Brown and all the Democrats who approved this law on a straight-line party vote. All Republicans opposed the new law.)

Locally, the only member of the Redlands City Council to sign the petition was Pat Gilbreath. All the others – Pete Aguilar (yes, the one running for Congress), Jon Harrison, Bob Gardner and Paul Foster – all refused to sign during the Oct. 15 council meeting when one of our members made a presentation and gave them all an opportunity to sign. We will remind voters of this fact several times before the next election so they will know which council member helped to protect our children and which ones sided with their political interests.

Other news: Our next meeting on Nov. 7 is Rick Liuag, who will discuss “Surviving Obamacare.” We will not have a December meeting. Our January meeting will be Jan. 9, the second Thursday that month, as to not conflict with the end of the holiday season.  At that January meeting, Pete Schrader, candidate for San Bernardino County Sheriff will speak. We will also lay out our 2014 campaign attack strategy.

We are well aware how upset many of you are about our local congressman supporting recent legislation that allowed Obamacare to survive. Like you, we are upset how the media gave a petulant Obama a complete pass for his un-American behavior despite his blatant efforts to inflict as much pain on the American people as possible during the shut-down he created.

But we also understand the political reality of the moment. We are continuously exerting pressure on our local office holders to uphold the tea party values of fiscal responsibility, free markets and constitutionally limited government.
We win some political battles and we lose a few others. But we must realize that, in congressional districts with more Democrats than Republicans, or in districts evenly split, our best bet is supporting the Republican who doesn’t turn into RINO. The Inland Empire, once a conservative stronghold, is turning more liberal because many of our fellow conservatives have moved out of state. That means those of us left have to fight smarter and harder.

That also means we may have to support candidates who don’t always do what we want all the time. Political reality is no candidate does what you want 100 percent of the time. A candidate who does 70 percent of what you want is a candidate worth supporting. That also means candidates we support must understand they can only make so many unfavorable votes without risking our support. Many candidates are well aware that we conservatives are the people who knock on doors for them. And in some cases, some candidates now in office wouldn’t be there if we didn’t support them with as much enthusiasm as we did in 2012.

Political reality is if we lose our local congressional and assembly districts to the liberals, chances are we will never get them back. The thought of “Congressman Pete ‘Doofus’ Aguilar” is enough to make any rational American ill.

Doofus update:  Turns out Pete Aguilar accepted more than $7,000 in donations from Kareem Ahmed, a major Democrat donor whose offices were raided by law enforcement earlier this month. Ahmed is a big-time Obama donor. The Aguilar info is from the national Republicans. But here is the link from Talking Points Memo about the raid:
More about Doofus: The Redlands Daily Facts declined to print our official statement about Aguilar’s racist smear of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots as part of a campaign solicitation letter last month. We do appreciate the Facts printing our points of view on some subjects, but the editor, Toni Momberger, told us that Marilyn Snyder’s column slamming Aguilar was enough of a response. We disagree. But you can read the letter the Facts declined to publish on our website,