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Pete Aguilar Shamelessly Plays the Race Card

Pete Aguilar Shamelessly Plays the Race Card


We’re sending out this special edition to show just what Redlands Mayor and congressional candidate Pete Aguilar thinks of the Tea Party Patriots — meaning, you and the nearly 1,600 people who subscribe to this email.

You may find his racist and libelous email sent to potential donors either nauseating or funny, so take your Tums and get your belly laugh out of the way before reading the low lights. He writes:

Our opponent, Republican Congressman Gary Miller, has been endorsed by extreme right-wing group that spews hateful rhetoric and even suggested that immigrants were like terrorists,” the letter says. “Chip in $3 right now to make sure we have the resources to fight back against Miller’s Tea Party backers.

You will be able to read Pete’s entire email soon at

So where do we start?

The campaign is more than a year away, yet Pete Aguilar has already taken the low-class route by resorting to name calling. Normally, Liberals wait until they actually win a primary to start blasting Republicans.

Pete started this, so we’ll respond in kind by fighting fire with fire since that’s the only language he apparently comprehends. Besides, it can be fun.

To comprehend Pete Aguilar, you must first appreciate the reality that Pete, politically speaking, is a complete doofus. Pete should have won the race for Congressional District 31 without a sweat since the district is majority Democrat and he had significant endorsements (US Sen. Dianne Feinstein among them). Despite that huge political advantage, Pete lost to two Republicans. Pete had no real competition (Quick! Can you name any of them?) Yet he blames a split Democrat vote for his humiliating loss.

So Pete keeps his seat on the Redlands City Council after telling the Riverside Press-Enterprise that he would stay on the council for his entire four-year term if re-elected.

So what does he do? Within months of winning his City Council seat, Pete announces his 2014 bid for the same seat he had already lost to Gary Miller.

Wait! It gets better!

According to the Redlands Daily Facts, Pete said in January that he visited his friends at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington, D.C., in December 2012 to wish his chums a “happy holidays.”  Did Pete think we were all dumb enough to believe that he visited the DCCC, which was already supporting him for 2014, and didn’t discuss his second run for Congress? 

Obviously, Pete and Obama think alike. Obama thought we were all dumb enough to actually believe a video is to blame for the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack.

Pete thought we are dumb enough that he visited the DCCC, which already supporting him for 2014, and didn’t discuss his second run for Congress. 

As if that weren’t enough, Pete is a Saul Alinksy acolyte who:

  • Signed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “mayors against illegal guns” gun confiscation (Did you ever notice that the site used Councilman’s Jon Harrison’s picture next to Pete’s name?)

  • Advocated for higher sales and income tax with Prop 30

  • Spoke against Prop 32 public union reform

  • Authored the nutty and anti-free market Occupy Redlands resolution

  • Advocates the UN’s socialist Agenda 21 growth regulations

  • Pushed for the “living wage” in Redlands – proof he does not comprehend basic economics

  • Claimed he would have done something to save the now-dead Redlands Airshow in 2011 if he had only known there was an issue in the first place.

Back to Pete’s racist letter: Politically speaking, his asking only $3 from contributors is a sign that you’re having trouble raising money.

Also, smart candidates normally let their toadies spread filth like this, but Pete just jumped into the race anyway and showed that, like Obama, he’s no better than a Chicago ward boss. What a contrast with our current representative, Gary Miller, who has always been a class act! (And unlike Pete, Gary Miller often meets with opponents. Pete has never had the courage to attend any of our candidate forums for the Redlands City Council.)

And like Obama, Pete uses vague boogie men as his evil-doers. In his racist letter, Pete paints the tea party movement as racists without giving any specifics. (By saying “tea party” instead of “Redlands Tea Party Patriots,” he avoids libel land mines because “tea party” is a vague term.)

We are calling on Pete to back up his racist claims. We want the proof to back up his letter. We are asking you to write the email address in the letter,, and demand proof to back up his racist allegations.

Finally, we want Pete to muster the courage to attend our meetings, which have always been free and open to the public. If he did, he would find that we treat all people as intelligent human beings. He could even talk to the numerous minorities in our audience who would just love to give him an earful about his socialist, racist and hateful ideology.
Unlike Pete, who shamelessly targets the fears of liberals and minorities, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots are citizens who preach the values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets.

And unlike Pete, we’re colorblind in our appeals.

Other news: We may have reached the 1,000 signature threshold for the “co-ed bathroom bill” repeal petitions. That’s impressive considering we’ve had them less than one month. Our totals do not include the individuals, churches and organizations who are collecting signatures on their own.

We did receive recognition from the coalition leading the repeal fight, Privacy for all Students, for our efforts. Our reward was another box of blank petitions, which we will gladly distribute to anyone who wants to keep boys and girls of all ages from sharing the same showers, bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams, as Jerry Brown’s new law, AB 1266, allows starting Jan. 1.

Please go to to study the new law and to download a petition.

The media is working overtime to ignore the groundswell of anger about the co-ed bathroom bill. But we must give credit to the Redlands Daily Facts for running guest columns about the topic. Most newspapers aren’t even doing that.

In the Sept. 18 Facts, a blurb at the bottom of the paper asks for opinions about the co-ed bathroom bill to Let ’em know what you think!

Finally, our October speaker is Lydia Gutierrez, a 2014 candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the top public schools official in the state. She has an impressive resume. Her topic is, and a well-timed as it turns out, “Common Core, A Bad Choice for America.”