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Pete Has a Problem, It’s the DNC

Text of Letter Printed in the SB Sun 9-10-2014

Tired of the campaign attack ads in politics   👿 

Re “Election 2014: Congressional candidate Pete Aguilar releases TV ad” (Sept. 4): I commend Pete Aguilar on his use of a positive message to start out his television campaign advertising, and note that the Democratic National Committee chose to attack and disparage Paul Chabot, a local businessman and veteran with baseless half-truths and out-and-out lies in their sponsored television advertising.

We know the DNC is desperate and willing to victimize and pillage anyone who stands in the way of their political aspirations.

Like many of my fellow citizens in the Inland Empire, I have grown tired of relentless attack ads and baseless lies. One can hope that Pete Aguilar does the right thing and speaks out against this kind of negative campaigning, as it does not represent what the majority of the citizens here want to see in their representatives.

— Henry VanderLeest, San Bernardino