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Petition to Protect Child Privacy

Petition To Protect Child Privacy In School Bathrooms And Showers Is Now Available


Privacy For All Students

Great news – we have  referendum petitions available to download to begin collecting voter signatures to prevent legislation that opens school showers, bathrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex.

Download your petition here.

We only have until early November to collect approximately 505,000 voter signatures needed to suspend AB 1266 and give voters the right to decide if we want  to overturn this outrageous law.

How bad is AB 1266, the co-ed bathroom bill? It’s awful. This legislation invades the privacy of our children while they are in the most vulnerable areas of a school – showers, rest rooms and locker rooms. The bill allows any student to use the facilities reserved for the opposite sex simply by asserting a vague “gender identity.” The bill contains no definitions, rules, standards or guidelines. It simply creates a right for students of the opposite sex to use the most sensitive private areas at school.

Imagine your daughter or granddaughter having to share a shower with a male student. All the male student has to do is claim a female gender identity, and AB 1266 gives him the absolute right to shower with female students!

Conversely, imagine a scenario where a fully-developed teenage girl decides to shower with the guys, claiming that she identifies with the male sex.

AB 1266 is so poorly drafted that the student claiming a gender identity opposite his or her actual gender needs no evidence that he or she actually identifies with the opposite gender. There is no requirement that the person have ever presented himself or herself at school or home as the opposite gender. And there is no requirement that the student’s parents be involved in the decision.  The legislation is wide open for abuse.

Please help us by collecting as many signatures as you possibly can. Please also share this petition with all your friends, family and colleagues who live in California and ask them to help as well.

One of the best places to collect signatures is at church. Ask your pastor to make an announcement about the effort, and then set up a table after service to collect signatures. It’s not uncommon for volunteers to collect hundreds of signatures right on the spot.

Before collecting signatures, please download and read these instructions. Among other things, you need to make sure you are collecting signatures from only one county per petition. Additionally, you must personally see each signer actually sign the petition, and you need to sign it yourself where indicated as the circulator.

AB 1266 is one of the worst, poorly-drafted, outrageous pieces of legislation we’ve seen in years. It’s the only bill of its kind ever enacted in America. The public has reacted with fierce opposition. Just the other day, over a hundred parents packed a school board meeting in Bakersfield to demand the school board do something about the situation.  The bathroom backlash has begun.

Our opponents and the political elite will try to portray this new law as being necessary to prevent discrimination and bullying.  But the fact is that California already protects so-called transgender students against bullying and discrimination, including actions based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and non-conforming gender appearance and behavior.

AB 1266 is not about protecting kids; it damages kids. It’s part of a political agenda being pushed by adults who are willing to use our kids and grandkids as weapons to wage their culture war. They want to strip society of all gender norms and roles. In the process, California students will be damaged, including those who are transgender. The bill is so badly written it may actually deprive transgender students of access to targeted strategies to help them, including offering access to gender-neutral single-stall restrooms, access to faculty facilities and other targeted strategies.

Isn’t it ironic that politicians in Sacramento, some of whom have private bathrooms in their luxurious office suites, are forcing vulnerable children to be exposed in sensitive school facilities where they must share showers and restrooms with someone from the opposite sex?  (They are the bathroom bullies.)

We can stop this absurdity by acting today. Please download a petition and get started immediately collecting signatures. Download as many petitions as you need, but remember, gather signatures from only one county per petition.

We also need you to make a sacrificial contribution today to Privacy For All Students, the coalition mounting the referendum campaign. We must raise several hundred thousand dollars in the next few days and weeks to print and mail petitions and organize at the grassroots level. Can you afford to give us $50? $20? Some may only be able to contribute $5, but others might be able to give as much as $500. Whatever you can afford, please donate it today. Time is very short.

Sometimes it feels like we’re powerless to stop the mess in Sacramento, but supporting the Privacy For All Students referendum against AB 1266 is something we can do today that will make a real difference for  our children,  grandchildren, and for generations of kids to come. Please act today.


Karen England

Co-Chair, Privacy For All Students

PS – Please act today to download the petition to stop this outrageous bathroom bill that jeopardizes the safety, security and privacy of vulnerable children using sensitive school facilities like showers, restrooms and locker rooms. We need to collect over 500,000 voter signatures by November 12th. We also urgently need your financial help to print petitions and spread the word. Our kids and grandkids are depending on us being successful with this referendum, but we can’t do it without your help. Thank you.