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Please Attend the No Amnesty Protest

Please Attend the “No Amnesty” Protest in Redlands this Wednesday!


Amnesty is no longer a federal issue after Redlands’ own state Sen. Bill Emmerson signed a recent letter urging California’s Republican congressional delegation to pass amnesty legislation. Emmerson was one of 15 state senators and assembly members to sign the letter.

We will be assisting our good friends in We the People Rising to rally in front of Emmerson’s office in Redlands this Wednesday, Nov. 20, beginning at 9 a.m. Emmerson has agreed to meet with the group about one hour later. Local media has shown interest in covering this event. 

Emmerson’s office, 1801 Orange Tree Lane, is just north of I-10 near Nevada Street. Please bring your signs, flags and humor. (Here’s a suggestion for a sign: “What part of ‘illegal’ don’t you understand?”)

We the People Rising is a pro-employment Southern California group opposing illegal immigration wherever possible. This courageous group has been spearheading local efforts to rally at the offices of politicians favoring amnesty. Our support is critical because it helps to counter blatant local media bias favoring amnesty. (The latest example of leftist media bias: This Sunday’s Sun contained an article from reporter Lori Fowler that shamelessly promoted recent and upcoming events of pro-amnesty “volunteers” urging people to contact US Congressman Gary Miller so he would buckle to their amnesty demands. Article did not mention how pro-amnesty Redlands Mayor Pete “Doofus” Aguilar, who is challenging Miller, benefits from their pressure.)

Here is their website:

Speaking of Emmerson: He’s resigning! And good riddance! Emmerson is a RINO whose resignation takes effect Dec. 1. Election dates will be announced about that time.

Fortunately, as conservatives, local state Assemblyman Mike Morrell has announced that he is running for Emmerson’s old 23rd district state senate seat. This is a huge and significant gain for us. Morrell is a solid conservative as well as being a great parent and American.

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots campaigned heavily for Morrell in 2012 and we plan to do the same in 2014. We will need your sweat, votes and bucks to help Morrell win this key senate seat.

His current assembly district 40 seat, which also includes Redlands, is on the 2014 ballot. Morrell does not have to give up that seat unless he wins the state senate seat. This is critical considering this is a highly competitive seat that Morrell won by only about 1,000 votes in 2012, so we will be keeping a very close eye on every candidate who runs for Morrell’s old seat.

Oh!  We’re back on the radio.
The Redlands Tea Party Patriots are co-hosting on “Unite IE,” a weekly radio show dedicated to getting conservatives off the couch and onto the political football field. Show airs every Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to noon.

Here is the link to Unite IE:

Here is the link to our first show!
The link is good only through Friday, Nov. 22. You may have to cut and paste that link directly into your browser. Amnesty is expected to be a topic on the next show.

Although back on the radio (our first show ran for three years before we ran out of money to fund it), we are still in the Redlands Daily Facts. Our own Marilyn Snyder has a column each Thursday that expresses our points of view rather well. Her folksy and persuasive style prompted one reader to write the Facts editor saying he would have cancelled his subscription if it weren’t for Marilyn’s columns!

Patriots — so much is going on as we head into the Christmas season.

We will have our first-ever yard sale on Saturday, Dec. 7 and Dec. 14 and 15. More information is in the next column. But we would appreciate your help because all donations go to the Redlands Tea Party Patriots. If it weren’t for your donations, we wouldn’t have any cash flow. So far, our donations have come in via the tea kettles we pass around at the monthly meetings. This yard sale will help us raise money so we can keep setting up booths at market night as well as political advertising, color banners, printed materials, etc.. Your support is critical because we are an all-volunteer organization. Much of what we accomplish is the result of volunteers and cabinet members who pay for things out of their own pockets.

We also want to thank everyone for their efforts to collect signatures to overturn AB 1266, the “co-ed potty law.” Starting Jan. 1, this law allows public school students of all ages to share bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and sports teams if, even for a moment, a male or female thinks he or she is “transgender.” No verification is required. Parents, coaches and students — even school officials — cannot object.

We had pledged to collect 2014 signatures, but with your help, we collected and mailed 2,939 signatures! Overall, the group running the petition, Privacy for all Students, submitted more than 620,000 signatures all within the legally required 90 days of Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown’s signature. If 505,000 signatures qualify, as is expected, the law is put on hold until we vote on it in November 2014. (Polls show the law will be overturned by as much as a 80/20 ratio.) We should have our first idea about qualification later this week. A recount of each signature could push the final verifcation into December. Stay tuned — and pray that we’ve accumulated enough signatures to overturn this immoral and indefensible law.

Finally, please sign up at the website of the national Tea Party Patriots if you haven’t done so already. The national group is about to revamp the site and add significantly more information that would help any conservative looking for news and information. (The “Obamacare Toolkit” is one popular item). The site will soon also add a conservative scorecard on each member of Congress. 

Here’s that link: