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Political Correctness A Guide for Christians, Fanatics and NE’ER-DO-WELL’s

Political Correctness A Guide for Christians, Fanatics and NE’ER-DO-WELL’s

What is PC ?

Changes the meaning of commonly misunderstood words, let’s take for instance ‘GAY’ the meaning of which was a happy or lively mood; now defined as having a desire towards one’s own sex. OK, exactly how ‘HATE SPEECH’ now refers to any utterance of the truth in which a small minority objects; ought to mean a gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudice. Another gift of PC is ‘RACISM’, see the definition for Hate Speech as the current meaning, this is often replaced for it; ought to mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
How about so called LBGT Rights?
There is no earlier meaning of this, an enlargement of Liberty? One who rehearses these ‘rights’ have created the prerequisite to withhold from the remainder the exercise of ‘FREE SPEECH’ which is now interpreted to mean you can say absolutely nothing you want as long as no body is offended. If this is confusing, see ‘HATE SPEECH’ above for clarification.
Another Beneficial one ‘TRUTH’
Truth remained to mean being in accord with fact or reality, in spite this it now seems to be mistaken with ‘OPINION’ where whatever you decide is what it means. Truth is often improved to mean
‘HATE SPEECH’ as used above. Next there is the Politically Biased Truth, where folks murder Christians and behead their opponents in the name of ‘ALLAH’ and it’s all a misunderstanding about jobs and lost opportunities; before it meant blood thirsty killers engaged in religious and ethnic cleansing. A healthy dose of Tide isn’t going to help out here.
Next there’s Lies
Lying most charitable meaning was misrepresenting the truth to gain an unfair advantage over your opponent; now it’s commonly used o presents one’s point of view as fact to override the obvious bias in the coming statements. Also, unless you can produce a ‘SMOKING GUN’ then you’re the disingenuous one.

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When fashioned, it’s often described as a biased opinion not worthy of consideration, especially when it’s applied to notable well lubricated politicians, particularly those with a ‘D’ behind their name. A Smoking Gun is not valid if it corresponds to the previous definition of ‘TRUTH’, if this is confusing see ‘HATE SPEECH’ above for clarification.

Used to mean anything you cling to which obeys to your belief in a deity, typically results in patriots who can’t LIE, COMMIT ADULTRY, CHEAT, use HATE SPEECH or RACISM and DO NOT partake in ACTS that conflict with their beliefs; Now, the terms have been rotated 180 degrees, so any one who obeys their ‘RELIGIOUS BELIEFS’ can be assumed to hold on to racism, hate speech and lie at every opportunity, while failing to properly serve those who are just trying to enlighten those who have no faith in anything or anyone. The forgoing does not apply to those currently marching under the BLACK FLAG of ISIS. Curious that the common image of ‘Black Flag’ is something that kills on contact. Of Course, the enlightened ‘LEFT’ has conceded that you may ‘BELIEVE’ anything you want, as long as you don’t say it out loud, or practice it where anyone who might object could see and be oppressed by it.

Despite the fact that ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ is imprinted on all our money, and the ‘CONSTITUTION’ credits all ‘RIGHTS’ as a gifts given to Man by god, you can’t say anything in the Public Square or place a Graven Image of any kind that might resemble the Deity anywhere that anyone could possible see it.

In retrospect, if you received any training in the English language before the date of 1963, there’s a good chance that you no longer possess the necessary skills to communicate with anyone in the current ruling class in the united states of america. In case you are wondering, since our country is no longer an exceptional country, it doesn’t merit the capitalization of its letters.

Now this is what the current liberal left ruling class would present as a moderate primer in how to understand and interpret the intricate labyrinth of Liberty and Freedom in the United States of America and where your conduct is expected to further these policies. I have a suggestion; they tell me that elections matter, that men of good stature and godly faith can make a difference. If those be true, then 2016 would be the year to permanently change the face and identity of the ‘ruling class’.

H A VanderLeest