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Forget Cost, Explain the NEED! A Reader Said

Forget cost, explain need for train

Mayor Pro Tem Jon Harrison is right to feel bewilderment about the discrepancy in reported costs for the proposed railway through Redlands. Because of different methods of calculating costs and of reporting the facts about the railroad, it is difficult to know whom to believe.  Regardless which reported cost is nearest the truth or personal bias, basic details about the train have not been made known or clearly explained to the general public.  A prime concern is the actual need for a 9-mile train to connect the University of Redlands and Esri to San Bernardino.

San Bernardino?

Who will ride that train, what will the fares cost and how many riders will there actually be?  
What would someone’s destination be in San Bernardino? 
Who has requested the train, besides those who are supporting it?

Perhaps a more major concern is the effect the train will have on Redlands and the areas the train will pass through. 
Can we ask about graffiti, noise, pollution, public safety, number of crossings daily? 
If it is calculated that there will be 25 street crossings a day at 11 streets, how much traffic, people and business will be affected? Talk about a safety issue!
How about downtown Redlands? Will the train use our beautiful railroad station? 
Will the train take riders to our new stores and restaurants in downtown Redlands?
Will the train stretch far enough to reach our Donut Hole shopping centers?

Whatever are the amounts of money mentioned for the proposed train, the basic question remains: Is a 9-mile “commuter” train from San Bernardino to Redlands really necessary?
And do the residents of Redlands, Loma Linda (which will have no train stops), and San Bernardino really want or need that railway? 
Are we going to allow the powers that be, whoever they currently are right now in Redlands, to railroad us into something that really is not necessary?

What could be done in our area with either of those two amounts of money proposed for that train?

The proposed train is not The Little Engine that Could, it’s The Little Engine That Shouldn’t.

— Doria Asche, via Jeanne Munz, Redlands

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