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A Reader Says: Rail to Redlands pipeline for crime, not prosperity

Rail to Redlands pipeline for crime, not prosperity

More than 20 years ago, Southern California Association of Governments and local politicians all hailed that the new Metrolink from Los Angeles was going to be the economic engine of San Bernardino and the Inland Empire. OK, where is the prosperity and economic growth for San Bernardino from the Metrolink?  
Today, the same propaganda and empty promises are being made by San Bernardino Associated Governments.  Extending the rail line to Redlands is now going to bring prosperity here to Redlands. No downside to it all. Only blue skies and happy campers.

One rather big downside to this project is just as the sewer is the pipeline for the icky stuff we flush down the toilet, this train is a pipeline for icky stuff also, drugs, criminals, guns, transients, rapists, shoplifters, thieves and shooting spree perpetrators.  The City Council say they love Redlands, if so—why do they want to build a pipeline for the aforementioned icky stuff to be shipped in and sprayed all over town? Sprayed on the kids at the university, sprayed on ourselves?  
This rail to Redlands is a pipeline project that should be avoided and stopped at all costs.

— Ken Hunter, Redlands

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