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California Assembly Quest to Destroy Traditional Families
David Chiu
California Assembly passes Equal Protection for All Families Act
with unanimous vote
Posted by Associate Editor Around the Nation, Online Only, Top Highlights Wednesday, May 20th, 2015
The Equal Protection for All Families Act, authored by
Assemblymember David Chiu and co-sponsored by Equality
California, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Our
Family Coalition, passed the California Assembly May 18
with unanimous support.
The bill updates California assisted
reproduction laws to help ensure that all families are
protected equally under California law.
AB 960, the Equal Protection For All Families Act, updates
the state’s assisted reproduction laws to ensure all couples
using assisted reproduction are fully recognized as parents
as intended. Specifically, AB 960 would allow unmarried
people using assisted reproduction to be fully recognized as
parents on the same terms as married parents. Further, this
bill would remove the requirement from family law that
couples must involve a doctor when using assisted
reproduction in order to ensure that the donor is not recognized as a parent. AB 960 also provides clear direction for
how egg donors should be treated under California law. These important changes in the law will increase access to
family building options by eliminating economic barriers.
“The Assembly’s actions yesterday take California a step closer to bringing its assisted reproduction laws to reflect
today’s realities,” said Assemblymember David Chiu. “Many families, especially our LGBT families, are now formed
using assisted reproduction. California law needs to rightfully recognize all couples as parents the moment their child
is born.”
“AB 960 is incredibly important to LGBT couples looking to plan and create their families in California,” said Rick Zbur
executive director for Equality California. “With yesterday’s vote in the Assembly, California legislators reaffirmed the
idea that families are created in various ways and they all should be valued and recognized equally under the law.
We remain committed to seeing the Equal Protection for All Families Act passed and signed into law.”
AB 960 will move to the Senate Rules Committee for referral to a Senate policy committee. The next policy
committee hearing on the bill will be in late June or early July.
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