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VISION FOR REDLANDS ~ Tamara Madai, Resident of Redlands


Public Comments made at Redlands City Council Meeting, May 20, 2015

By Tamara Madai, Resident of Redlands


Throughout its history, Redlands has had citizens whose visions for the city have contributed to quality of life not only for those living in Redlands, but others who come to visit. 


  • There is the Redlands Bowl, a vision of Grace Mullen’s in 1923 that has had the longest running free arts program in the Unites States.
  • The Lincoln Memorial Shrine, a vision of Robert Watchorn, which attracts scholars from around the country, and brings history alive for students.
  • Alfred Smiley founded Associated Charities in 1898, which is now Family Services Association, whose purpose to “alleviate poverty, encourage self-sufficiency and promote the dignity of all.”
  • Albert Smiley, in 1894, established the library that bears his name.
  • Without the vision and hard work of Dr. Harold Hill, we would not have Caroline Park for hiking and enjoying native plants.


Now we have a different type of vision, SANBAG’s stated vision for Redlands: “to provide a mobility alternative to travel on congested roadways and to improve connections to the regional multimodal transportation system.” 


  • The congested roadways are going to be the streets in Redlands as the train goes through 14 street crossings.
  • The train will always operate at a loss that will have to be made up through raising taxes.
  • Some streets will be closed making it difficult for customers to get to stores.
  • The placement of the tracks and possible sound barriers will further physically separate our town.
  • The city will have to build a parking garage for the Orange Street station, which will obscure some of the historic part of the town.
  • Along with the train will come high density development. Unfortunately, this intrusion isn’t going to end with the train.


On last Saturday’s SANBAG program on KTIE, the SANGBAG representatives spoke of active transportation, meaning “human powered,” and making an effort to get people out of their cars. 


I feel like I’m living in a town from an old western movie and a nefarious gang has ridden into my town and taken it over.

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