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Rail to Redlands UPDATE

Thanks for this Bill. Actually the $11,000,000.00 E.I.R. does address the issue of traffic problems caused by the train. Their thinking is a little off as the issue was completely addressed by simply saying that when some one takes the train, it just took a car off the streets, so therefore how could it be creating congestion? When I read that, I laughed at the false logic driven by political doctrine that ALL cars are bad and ALL trains are good.

The traffic problems will be huge. They say that from the time the warning gates go down until they go up is only one minute. If you go to Pasadena or other train intersections, first the signals at nearby intersections change to stop traffic and the gates go down way in advance of the arriving train. The train passes and then the signals have to all synchronize back to regular rhythm. The gates open. You may lose another entire cycle of lights before you can eventually go. During high traffic times, the resulting wave of backed up traffic from one crossing will end up becoming between 6 to 9 minutes depending upon where the light cycle is when you first arrive at the intersection. 
This traffic delay creates a chain of other congestion at other intersections by continuing to produce large packs of cars over loading the traffic light timing all the way to the freeway. 
The distance from the 10 Freeway exit at Orange and the rail tracks is less than one block. The congestion will easily cause traffic to back up on the off ramp and up onto the freeway which is already poorly designed and a a great place to film a mad max movie of suicidal lane changing.
Gilbreath and Harrison are the two biggest promoters of the train from San Bernardino which is the most dangerous city with the highest crime rate in all of California. We need less connectivity with San Bernardino and certainly not more. There is no need to fundamentally change Redlands into a permanent ghetto.
It will be interesting when I am on the City Council after November election. I am going to have point out direct conflicting information from the E.I.R. which I have read every word. 

I went to this thing, attached is my take.

Mayor Foster has formed a Redlands Rail Project subcommittee. He has appointed Harrison and Gilbreath to head this up. Subsequent to this SanBag is organizing a focus group to promote the rail project. They are inviting “you to apply to participate as a member of a focus group to provide input, insights and feedback that will help shape the future of the brand for the new rail service”… You must be a willing to participate in brainstorming, have respect for others, be honest and a desire to see the project be inclusive and represent Redlands and San Bernardino… This all sounds like the Delphi method to make people think they had something to do with the rail project. Remember, $500,000 of your tax dollars has been allocated to this brainwashing.

This is scheduled for May 17th. If you want to apply go to will need to be brave as the libs will be out in force.

If you attend remember:
1. The train will cross intersections in the city over 550 time every day!
2. There has been no study done to mitigate the havoc these crossings will have on traffic flow and emergency response efforts. SanBag spent $11 million on the Environmental Impact Report and NEVER addressed this issue. Why?
3. SanBag says the train cost $250 million. This is not true. When the interest costs on the bonds of $98,000,000 + are included the project is coming in at $348,546,000. Why is this interest cost being hidden from the public?
4. SanBag estimates that the yearly operating costs will be $6-8 million. The fairbox revenues will never come close to matching either of these numbers. SanBag has not assigned a cost to ride the train from the UR to San Bernardino Transit center. No one knows how much this operation will need to be subsidized by the taxpayer every year yet it continues to roll on.
5. The cost to police the Redlands stations has never been addressed. Why?
6. The train will disrupt the common cohesion of the city further dividing it into the North and South sides. Why is this issue never addressed?
7. The council has never addressed the issue of high density housing along the rail line. Why?

I know that none of these issues will be broached at the focus group meeting. The moderators will want sweep all this under the rug. But if volunteer for the focus group keep in mind the above issues.

If you volunteer it will be an opportunity to see Classic Delphi at work.




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