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Read This Before You Vote!

Resistance to Tyrants

Courtesy Gordan Runyan quoted from his book “RESISTANCE TO TYRANTS”

God bless America, land that I love. As of this day, July 26, 2012, these things are true in the “Land of the Free.”

Kids have had their lemonade stands shut down for lack of a proper business license.
Farmers have been arrested for selling raw milk to their neighbors.
The President maintains a personally-written “kill list,” a roll of names he has approved for summary assassination. The government admits that at least one American citizen has been put to death on the authorization of this list, without anything like a trial, due process of law, or even a warrant.
The new NDAA law, passed with strong, bipartisan support, gives the President the authority to have American citizens arrested and spirited away to prison, and detained indefinitely, without a trial or judicial oversight, on the suspicion of potential terrorism. Not actual terrorism. Suspicion.
For the sake of “protecting the public,” agents of the TSA take naked-scan images of airline passengers and perform invasive grope-down searches randomly, searching the panties on little girls with their hands for explosives.

The Patriot Act allows federal agents to write their own search warrants, and authorize their own wiretapping operations against American citizens, completely bypassing 4th Amendment guarantees to judicial review, and the requirement for probable cause.

A section of the Marine Corps is bcing trained in domestic law enforcement. Think about that for a moment.
The FBI has admitted to hatching terror plots against the United Statcs; then recruiting, funding, equipping, and training the would-be terrorists in these plots; and then stopping in at the last moment to arrest their co-conspirators, for the sake of being able to claim they are keeping America safe.

A judge in New Mexico has ordered a professional photography company to provide their private services to a same-sex couple getting married, though the company had tried to assert its free association rights and refuse their services for religious reasons.

A swarm of unelected bureaucrats blankets the land, sent out like a plague of locusts by the great god, EPA, to enforce laws and levy fines on property owners, rules which are practically made up on the spot, capricious laws which haven’t come from Congress but still have the power to strip a citizen of livelihood and property.

The feds have bcgun building the Utah Data Center, which, by their own admission, is a gigantic project designed to capture and screen every single piece of electronic communication generated in the US.

The feds also admit to a plan to put up to 3,000 spy drones in the skies over America by 2020, not to foil any act in particular, but simply to keep watch on what the people are doing down there.

In its ruling on Obamacare this summer, the Supreme Court has agreed that the Federal government has an unlimited power to tax its citizens, even if those “taxes” amount to penalties applied to people who don’t
want to purchase products the government tells them to purchase.

And, finally, to this day unborn babies are murdered in America at a rate of about a million and a half each year, and this is done with the official sanction of the Federal government.

We’ll stop here for now, but I wonder if your blood is boiling yet, Christian patriot?
There are two additional thoughts about this list that are especially aggravating. For one: This list is pitifully incomplete. Space and time prevent us from documenting the government’s daily transgressions against the
Constitution and against the liberties which that ignored document preserves to American citizens. That would be a huge and ever-expanding book all by itself. We’ve only hit some highlights. In fact, I’ve only included things that are out in the open. We all might have trouble sleeping at night if we knew the things they’d rather keep secret.

Courtesy Gordan Runyan quoted from his book “RESISTANCE TO TYRANTS”