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Redlands City Council Meeting, November 17


Redlands 13-400

Redlands City Council Meeting, November 17



Thank to the Patriots and citizens who took their valuable time to attend the Redlands City Council meeting tonight.  Everyone who spoke did great.

Vicki Hargrave, Shirley Belleu and Greg from Redlands Townhall forcefully argued against the folly of admitting more “Syrian” “refugees” since “Syrian” “refugees” participated in the Paris terrorists attacks and the FBI as well as Obama’s director of intelligence say the “refugees” cannot be vetted.


Other Patriots spoke against the plan to run 58 trains per day including eight full-size diesel Metrolink trains each 500-600 feet long through Redlands and trying to get people to use the bus or train for shopping at Sam’s Club.

Some Patriots, John Berry, Sam Wong and Carolyn Hays, lasted until after 10:00 to speak against the plan to raise our water rates 19%.  Thanks in part to their efforts, the Redlands City Council voted to defer increasing water rates until their first meeting in January 2016.  GOOD WORK PARTIOTS!!!

City officials claim they need more money to repair aging water pipes.  I learned that the City raised water rates in 2012, 2013 in 2014, supposedly to repair water pipes, but thus far they only repaired 1 mile of water pipes. 




Where did the money go?  Part of the answer is the City “borrowed” the money for other purposes.

In the private sector, when a business’ sales decline, the business has to find ways to cut costs.  In the private sector, when our sales decline, we do not get to correspondingly increase our prices so our income remains the same.  Government can and should find ways to reduce its costs and/or the City should repay the money it “borrowed” from the water department.

Other Redlands citizens, in addition to members of Redlands Townhall and Redlands Tea Party Patriots, helped fulfill their obligations as citizens of a constitutional republic by attending the meeting and speaking on various issues of concern to them.

As always, “The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis

It is much easier to be a government subject or a sheep in the government pasture than it is to be a citizen of a constitutional republic.  The latter takes work, time and effort.