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Redlands Passenger Rail deal worsens

A Reader Says: Redlands Passenger Rail deal worsens

Redlands Passenger Rail deal worsens
Members of the Inland Empire Transit Alliance met with SanBAG employees on April 30. As Lando Calrissian said in
Empire Strikes Back “This deal is getting worse all the time!”
First, there will be 25 round trip trains per day rolling through Redlands. That means at every crossing and every point
along the tracks, downtown and residential neighborhoods, 50 trains will pass by.
Second, when we asked about the ridership estimates for Rail to Redlands, the SanBAG employees basically said we
need to have faith. Interestingly, they said they had not reviewed the SBx and Anaheim transit center projects. They
should try to learn from mistakes of those boondoggles.
I figured Redlands residents who take Metrolink to LA would be a large percentage of the riders SanBAG estimates
for the train. However, the SanBAG employees had no idea how many Redlands residents ride Metrolink to LA.
So who are the 700-800 people SanBAG “estimates” will ride the train between San Bernardino and Redlands each
Bottom line, there is no reason to believe SanBAG ridership “estimates.”
Third, the SanBAG employees claimed 50 trains per day rolling through 12 crossings in Redlands each day will not
cause significant traffic problems.
“And if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”
Look at traffic at commute times getting to and from the freeway on California, Alabama, Tennessee or Orange and
decide for yourself whether to believe SanBAG’s claim that 50 trains per day (more frequent at commute time) will not
cause significant traffic problems.
Fourth, SanBAG claims the money for the project is “programmed” but not in hand. If the federal or state government
money does not come through as planned, what happens to the project? If there are cost overruns (and how often
does that happen on government projects) what happens to the train project?
Fifth, the SanBAG employees said they plan to purchase smaller diesel trains costing about $30 million. SanBAG is a
regional government agency not accountable to the people at the ballot box. If SanBAG does not keep its promises,
we cannot vote them out of office.
The EIR estimates 83 residential properties will be severely impacted by the noise and 115 residential properties will
be moderately impacted.
Furthermore, the SanBAG employees said that SanBAG’s board could decide at any time to run full-size Metrolink
trains with full-size diesel locomotives through Redlands.
For these reasons, and many more, the Rail to Redlands is our “crazy train,” and the “crazy train” deal keeps getting
worse for the people and businesses in Redlands.
To the citizens of Redlands: If you wait until 50 trains per day start rolling through Redlands, it will be much harder to
stop the crazy trains. Take control of your government and your streets. All political power is inherent in the people if
we choose to use it.
— Gregory W. Brittain, attorney at law, Redlands Tea Party Patriots Cabinet Member, Unite IE Board Member