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Redlands Tea Party Patriots Voter Guide, June 5 Primary


The Redlands Tea Party Patriots Voter Guide for the June 5 Primary in PDF.

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And here are JPG files for sharing on social media.


  1. J. Wagner

    I don’t understand the no vote on 72. As a homeowner, if I want to put in a rain capture system, I’d rather not be penalized by paying property taxes on its cost every year going forward. Sorry, but this isn’t a “tax break for green crony capitalists”. Sure, for some it may be to save the planet, but for others it may be about reducing our water bills! The two interests are not mutually exclusive. Will it help companies sell systems to homeowners? Sure. Why not? In the end it’s about the propert tax homeowners have to pay.

    • Gregory Brittain

      Most of the tax credit is captured by the makers and sellers of the system. This improvement should be treated like any other improvement to your property.

      • J. Wagner

        I disagree. It’s not a tax credit It’s not like solar panels where there’s been a government grant. 72 makes it so that the homeowner doesn’t have to pay property taxes for the improvement going forward. The only benefit to sellers of such systems is that it’s a sales tool to be able to tell the homeowner that the permit they would need to pull isn’t going to increase their property taxes. Meanwhile, a homeowner that captures rainwater and uses it to water his property is going to save money by not having to buy that water.

        How a tea party patriot, republican or libertarian, could be against NOT paying property taxes on a water collection system that he or she voluntarily chose to install is beyond me.

      • J. Wagner

        It’s pretty disappointing to comeback and see that you didn’t post my prior rebuttal. I was open to trying to see what I was missing, but you couldn’t explain how “the tax credit is captured by the makers and sellers of the system” when the whole idea of 72 is to make it so the homeowner doesn’t have to pay property taxes on the system now or in the future.

        As a homeowner, putting in s water recovery system that saves me money on water bills (and taxes on the water I don’t need to buy) AND doesn’t tax me on the improvement is a win-win.

        What am I missing?

        • Gregory Brittain

          Why should your rain water improvement be treated differently than any other improvement to real property?

          In any event, Prop 72 is a minor issue.

          • J. Wagner

            That wasn’t your argument before. You said it was a tax credit captured by the makers of systems.

            Your new argument assumes the two issues are mutually exclusive.

            I’m all for changing the laws so that our home tax base wouldn’t go up for having made permitted improvements, but, in the meantime, I’m all for not paying taxes on a water saving system that WILL save me money on water. Recovered water can water my yard instead of water passing through my meter!

            You don’t have to be a believer in man made global warming to want to install a water recovery system.

            What’s the point of trying to save money on one’s water bill in the future if it is offset by increased property taxes?

          • Gregory Brittain

            I don’t think my arguments are mutually exclusive at all. Much of any tax credit or deduction is captured by sellers and providers. Separate from that, I don’t see any reason to give preferential treatment to certain improvements compared to others.

            Prop 72 was approved as I expected. I will try to approve your future comments but I do not intend to debate Prop 72 further.

    • Cherie Wood

      Anothing Sac wants to do will cost millions or billions by the time they are done. I voted no

  2. Carol

    I used to get a Newsmail from Congressman Cook and did not see where he backed Trump. So, I don’t know either way. I know he backs military.

    There is no one listed for Lieutenant Governor and a couple of Republican candidates; I think this position is important also.

  3. Doug Leja

    Congressman Paul Cook is a military veteran, has voted the Trump agenda 100%, and is endorsed by the NRA. Donnelly is fake news. Cook has my endorsement and vote. Signed Lt Colonel Doug Leja USAF Ret.

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