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Regulating Cow Farts in California

Senate Bill 1383 finally makes it official. Jerry Brown and his band of green lunatics now have declared themselves smarter than mother nature, and by assumption smarter than God.


The egomaniacs in Sacramento have now come out against motherhood, apple pie and the American Way.
They now want to regulate the amount and quality of bovine gas coming out of the rear end of bovines that reside in California.

There is a definition for this, it’s called BULL SHIT! (or BS)
It’s time California voters take the reins like was done in over 30 states in the presidential election, 2018 is just a short time away. Now the Dairy industry will be driven out of California like many others, by the regularity costs of doing business here. Don’t worry, when the new BS takes effect the price of dairy products will remind us,
It is what it is, and it’s BS!, for those operating on the politically correct curve that would be BOVINE FECAL MATTER.