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RTPP News: (rev mtg info) Continuing the Trump Revolution [T+ 195 days and counting]

RTPP News: Continuing the Trump Revolution [T+ 195 days and counting] 
(revised meeting info)

In this RTPP News:

Update: Joel Pollak of Breitbart News had to reschedule because his wife was unexpectedly called up for military reserve duty, and Joel has to care for their young children.  Joel Pollak will be at our September 7 meeting.

  1. Redlands Tea Party Patriots Meeting August 3 (revised) with Tim Donnelly, Sean Flynn and college freedom activist Ben Kolodny. “Continuing the Trump Revolution”
  2. The Staggering Rep Betrayal and Stupidity Helping Pass the Dem $.70+/gallon #CapAndTrade tax. Make Them Pay or They Will Keep Betraying Us.
  3. See What Happened When IE Patriots Visited Marc Steinorth’s Office to Protest His Vote for the #CapAndTrade tax. [Do They Send This Many Cops to a Murder Scene?]
  4. Calendar of RTPP and Other Patriotic Events.
  5. com kickoff event August 12.
  6. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Rally to Support President Trump.
  7. RTPP’s 4th of July Celebration was a Great Success [with pics].
  8. Finding More Ways to Extract More Money From the People.
  9. More Ways to Take Action to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.
  10. Tea Party Patriots
  11. Redlands Tea Party Patriots online.
  12. Our Special Thanks & Appreciation.

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  1. dennis ortiz

    As soon as the takers start paying at the pumps the lights will turn on. Be ready for the aftermath it will be entertaining.

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