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RTPP News: What will we do today to save the republic?

RTPP News: What will we do today to save the republic?

In this edition of RTPP news:

  • MEMORIAL DAY: To Those Who Gave the Last Full Measure of Devotion.
  • Great Upcoming Redlands Tea Party Patriots meeting June 1 with Susan Shelley, conservative columnist and author and Philip Haney, DHS intelligence analyst and whistleblower, author of “See Something, Say Nothing.”
  • Thank you to the Patriots who attended the #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Rally to Support President Trump on May
  • March Against Sharia Law, June 10, San Bernardino.
  • Special meeting with Dr. Duke Pesta, June 15, Re: (1) Why and how you should get your children or grandchildren out of the government run schools and (2) government education and #CommonCore under President Trump and Secretary DeVoss, What if any difference.
  • 4th of July spreading the message of liberty at Sylvan Park in Redlands and 4th of July party at Jan and Doug Leja’s home.
  • Calendar of Patriotic and Otherwise “Deplorable” Events.
  • Take Action.
  • Help Wanted.
  • Tea Party Patriots
  • Redlands Tea Party Patriots online.
  • Our Special Thanks & Appreciation.

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