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RTPP Post Election Update: “Duty is ours; results are God’s”

RTPP Post Election Update:
“Duty is ours; results are God’s”

In this RTPP Post Election Update:

  1. In the battle just fought, and in the long war…“DUTY IS OURS; RESULTS ARE GOD’S” John Quincy Adams by Greg Brittain
  2. Love and Courage to All, from Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney.
  3. John Berry’s Take.
  4. Message from MAGA Girl Carolyn Hays, RTPP Cabinet Member, and Change Makers with Wendy Gish, November 17.
  5. Thank you to our Veterans.  #VeteransDay
  6. On the Educational Front in the #LongWar for America with Rebecca Friedrichs.
  7. The RTPP/Unite IE Christmas Party, December 13.
  8. Pics and Videos from our October 5 and November 1 Meetings.
  9. Suggested Reading and Viewing.
    • Tucker Carlson: Election Lessons Including the Effect of Immigration
    • Prager U: Illegal Immigration: It’s About Power with Tucker Carlson.
    • America, the Dem Party and Daring to Do Our Duty: 1860 and 2018.
    • The Patriot Battle Plan Against Big Dem Tech To Save Freedom Of Speech And America.  “Everyone can do something.”
    • A nation without borders is not a nation.” Ronald Reagan
    • Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration is an Existential Issue for the #MAGA Cause.
    • “Occupied America.”  Here is what is being “taught” in the #GovernmentRunSchools and who is “teaching” it. 
    • CA Schools Pushing Racist, LGBT, SJW Agenda on Children.
  10. Tea Party Patriots principles.
  11. Redlands Tea Party Patriots online.
  12. Our Special Thanks & Appreciation.

As of November 13
President Trump: + 662 days
November 3, 2020 election: -721 days

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